Thailand: Launching of Pure Love Campaign in Mahasarakham Province


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by FFWPU Thailand, Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn

On the foundation of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship of Dr. and Mrs.Lek’s Tribe and with Official Co-host of Ministry Education with UPF and YFWP Thailand to launch Pure Love campaign on the Provincial Level in 12 Major Provinces of Thailand, Inauguration Ceremony of Pure Love campaign in Mahasarakham province was successful with 2,700 people attended on September 12, 2016 at Ratchabhat University Auditorium with so much co-operation of government officers such as the support of Provincial Governor, President of Ratchabhat University, Director of Provincial Education, Director of Provincial High School Administration, School Principals and Community Leaders.

Dr. Lek’s Heavenly Tribal Messiah group had organized Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Mahasarakham province many times since 2014, the Vice Governor and many Chief of District Officers were so inspired and reported to Governor of Mahasarakham. On July 13-14, 2016; Dr. Chokchai Dej-Amornthan called for 700 government officers, especially, Sub-district directors, Chief of District Officers and Head of Government Organizations to attend 2 days Divine Principle Workshop for VIPs in Takasila Hotel in Mahasarakham. He and all participants were so moved and touched by Vision and Teaching of True Parents and now preparing to have 3,000 people Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in Provincial level in the end of September. With these foundation, Pure Love Campaign Inauguration ceremony on September 12, 2016 had been so much supported and full of ownership with government officers and VIPs in Mahasarakham province. Many new blessed families are full of spirit of ownership to spread out TP’s teaching to Mahasarakham. The one who were former director of schools and teachers went to many schools to mobilize students and teachers to join our program. All Major High School students and Ratchabhat Maharasarakham university students participated with Teachers and Education Institute Administration Officers.


The ceremony began by Games and Cheer up! Spirit for young people. Then, Gen.Terdsak Maromme, President of UPF Thailand and Special Royal Aide de Camp to the King Bhumiphol, led the ceremony to honor the King Bhumiphol, the great and sing Royal Anthem and song for honor the King and Queen. Through this highest government protocol, all governments and teachers become to respect UPF and YFWP.

Next, VDO presentation of UPF to introduce True Parents, then, it was followed Welcoming Remark by Gen.Terdsak Maromme, President of UPF Thailand and Assoc.Prof. Somchay Wongkasem, President of Rajabhat Maha Sarakham University, Reporting Remark by the representative of Provincial Director of Education in Mahasarakham province and then, Mr. Viruj Wichaiboon, Deputy Governor of Mahasarakham Province, gave Opening Remark. Then, it followed by presentation of Plaque and Certificate for Government Organizations that co-host and support for this Pure Love launching by Gen.Terdsak Maromme, UPF and YFWP committee.

Then, Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, Thailand National Leader and YFWP-Thailand President, gave Inspirational Message on Topic “Vision of Youth for Revival Value of Thai Family”. Next, Mr. Jakrin Iamsam-ang, Director of Pure Love Thailand and Vice President of YFWP Thailand, gave PowerPoint Presentation in the topic “Value of Love, Life and Family” and Introduce our beloved Founder, “Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, True Parents”. Next, CARP members from Seri Center under the leadership of Dr. Lek’s tribal messiahship led Pure Love Pledge.

Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy and Vice Chair of UPF Asia, gave inspiration closing remark to wake the spirit of young people up to take ownership in Pure Love Project to expand everywhere in Mahasarakham.

Students and teachers had received new vision for life, family and peaceful communities and nation. They all were so inspired and melted by True Parent’s vision and teaching on family and peace. We will organize Teacher Workshop and follow by launching Pure Love in 10 major schools of Mahasarakham and then follow by 2 day Pure Love Camp in each school and raise them up to become CARP members and Pure Love leaders to transform Mahasarakham to become Model Province of CIG in Thailand.