Thailand: Historical 5,000 Students and Teachers Rally for Provincial Inauguration of Pure Love Campaign

By FFWPU Thailand, Kamol Thaveetermsakul

With great support of Ministry Education, Government organizations unite to support to launch Pure Love project for the hope to have impact to solve immorality problems among young people and promote good culture in educational institution in Buriram. 5,300 students, teachers, education institution administration and government officers participate with the presence of Vice Governor. Great support from all major educational government departments of Buriram such as Director of High School of Buriram, Director of Vocational School of Buriram, Director of Polytechnic school of Buriram, Director of Agricultural Technical School of Buriram. Buriram United Soccer Club which is the most popular soccer club in Thailand supports free venue.


Moreover, 5300 people gathering is the biggest record for 1 event in the history of Thailand movement and it is the first time that Thailand movement to have rally and education gathering in such a big open soccer stadium. The atmosphere and spirit of young people are so great when they come to realize the meaning of filial piety toward family and homeland, value of sexual organ and marriage for the life of long lasting happiness and how the power of young people can change Thailand to become peaceful country start from purity of young people, filial piety in the family and loyalty toward the nation. This project in Buriram is organized and coordinated by Dr.Lek’s HTM group who work so hard in Buriram province in last 4 years, there are many blessed family

Since April 2016, Gen. Dawnpong Rattanasuban, Minister of Education signed and sent out official letter to all department of Ministry Education to co-host with UPF and YFWP Thailand to launch and organize Pure Love project in 12 major provinces of Thailand. Then, organized 2 days Pure Love camp in schools or campuses in at least 10 schools in each provinces. Then, YFWP and CARP will work together to invite prepared students who accept Vision of Ideal Family of TP to join 5 day Divine Principle Workshop. On 16 July 2016, Surin province was the first province that has been launched Pure Love project in Ratchabhat Surin University auditorium in front of 1,500 students and teachers.


When YFWP staff presented Pure Love project to Director of High School Department of Buriram province, he was so inspired by this project. He expressed that this project is too good for just only to be launched in University auditorium only 1,000 people. This should be launched in most famous soccer club stadium in Thailand so called “Buriram United, Thunder Castle”. This department promised to mobilize 4,000 students from 30 major schools from all districts of Buriram of 1.6 million population.

The event began by student leaders from Ideal Youth Group which is CARP center leading by Dr. and Mrs. Lek Thaveetermsakul, led the songs and games to raise up the spirit of young people. Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, President of YFWP Thailand and National Leader of FFWPU Thailand, served as MC. Then, it followed by National Anthem and VDO to introduce UPF Thailand. Mrs. Kamoltip Phayakvichien, Vice President of UPF Thailand and President of WFWP Association, gave welcoming remark. The representative of Provincial Office of Buriram Education gave reporting remark. Then, Mr. Prapas Raksasab, Vice Governor represent Governor of Buriram gave Opening remark.


Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Chairman of UPF Asia, gave Special Keynote Remark. He called the students as my beloved children and urged them to realize how significance of sexual organ as our Original Homeland that we all come from. The peace and happiness through sexual purity before marriage. All students response and was inspired so much. Mr. Jakrin Iamsam-ang, Director of Pure Love Thailand, gave presentation on topic ‘Love, Life and Value of Family Institution’. Then, it followed by all students in the stadium to have Pure Love pledge led by 100 student leaders and volunteers of Ideal Youth Group. Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy and Vice Chair of UPF Asia, gave closing inspiration remark. He emphasized to all students to keep purity and become the volunteers and heroes to save the nation by promoting of Pure Love and Ideal Family. The power of young people come out strongly.


After finish, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, Rev. Kamol Thaveetermsakul and Prof. & Mrs. Gil Young Hwan went to give opening ceremony for Buriram center as the center for HTM movement, Pure Love, YFWP and CARP witnessing in Buriram province. All 140 members of Ideal Youth Center who they are working so hard are so inspired to meet elder leaders and see God’s providence in Buriram expanding so rapidly.

Next step, Dr. Lek’s HTM team in Buriram, namely, ‘Ideal Youth Group’ will follow up and select the best 10 schools which most Abel type and hold 3 hour program to senior high school students and select the good students to 2 day Pure Love camp in schools in order to raise up Pure Love Volunteers. Then, they will select prepared students to join 5 days Divine Principle workshop to become CARP members and Pure Love leaders.


Thank you for True Parents. Thank you for True Mother, because of your love, conviction and trust in us, we can work successfully with spirit of love and conviction to bring Victory of Vision 2020.