Switzerland: Special Grace Ceremony


By FFWPU Switzerland, Michel and Beata Reymond

September 11, in Belmont was the first 1-day Workshop and Special Grace Ceremony to be held in Switzerland. I believe this was a significant event for our nation and for the families and members who participated from all the nation. All was well guided and even practical details such as a Celebration cake was prepared without asking for it, and despite the difficulty of advancing of one week the date of this 1st workshop (instead of 18.9 originally) the whole event went smoothly, including the precious Holy wine ceremony. However due to the lack of time for managing all practical aspects (because of the many events happening last week: ILC in London, Peace Event in Zürich), the special box containing the set of four Holy Items is still under preparation and will be bequeathed to each participating families at the next Special Grace event.

Our Swiss HQ wishes to receive testimonies from those who have participated at this 1st Ceremony, if they feel they want to share something special that happened or if they want to express their feelings, please write to: uc.swiss@gmail.com

The next 1 Day WS and Special Grace events will take place on Sunday Sept. 25 in Biel, and Sunday Oct. 2 in Zürich. Of course the timeframe of inheriting the Holy Items is extended until Foundation Day 2017, but we encourage all members and families to attend one of this next event, and more will be organized regularly, even if we are going through difficulties off all kind, this is aimed to help to solve these problems with God’s support on our side.

You will find some pictures of the event here