Spain: Special Grace



By FFWPU Spain, Maryvonne Jamois

In Madrid, we organized a One Day Special Education Seminar as a preparation to participate in the Holy Wine ceremony on two different days so that couples with small children can participate, one on Saturday, August 28th, and another one on September 3rd.

On the first day we had 47 participants and on the second day we had 54 participants. We had four lectures: The fall – video from Michael Hentricks – Mario Magaz gave a lecture about the consequences of the fall for those who don´t speak english – then an internal guidance of Messages of Peace by Miguel Calvis, True Father´s life given by Miguel Angel Cano on the 1st day, and by Armando Lozano on the second day, and True Mother´s life given by Maryvonne Jamois.

At the end we had a short explanation of the Holy Items and an explanation of the Holy Wine Ceremony. It has been very special days as we don´t have often this opportunity to spend the day together to study about Our True Parent´s life and teachings. It has been refreshing and inspiring for all our brothers and sisters who participate, and in a sense, a day to strengthen our community.

Thank you to our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents, and especially to True Mother to give us such a nice opportunity.


Holy Wine ceremony and ceremony to bequeath the Holy Items

Sunday September 4th was a very special day for our community in Madrid. First of all we had Sunday Service which was given by David Pique who gave us a report of Seunghwa ceremony and Leaders meeting in Korea.

He expressed how much he has been impressed by True Mother´s love and also her seriousness to fulfill the vision of Cheon Il Guk. He has been also moved by the development of our movement, especially in Asia, the professionalism and spirit as he expressed to our families.

After his report full of life and hope we had a small break to prepare for the Holy Wine Ceremony. The room was totally full, most of the members of our community could do it that time. We will have later in November another day for those who could not make it. The ceremony was very uplifting and solemn. To receive this grace, some families really made a great effort, to participate in the day of Special Education and the day after in the ceremony.

Many of our brothers and sisters expressed their deep gratitude for such an event where we could receive Heavenly Parent and True Parents´grace, and was also a wonderful opportunity to gather together and look after our community. We are so grateful to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and especially to our True Mother.