South Asian Youth Leadership Seminar


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By FFWPU Nepal

A stunning and enthusiastic 3 Day South Asian Youth Leadership Seminar has been successfully concluded on September 12-15, 2016 at Kathmandu Nepal, which was organized by UPF-Asia.

There were 87 total of gorgeous participants who participated the leadership workshop, 53 from Nepal, 33 from Bangladesh and 2 from Sri Lanka.

During the opening ceremony. we had prominent leaders of the society, Ambassador for Peace and Religious leaders from Buddhist, Islam and Hindu among our participants.

The Special Cheon Il Guk Emissary and Regional president of Asia, Dr. Chug Sik Yong and the Special Cheon Il Guk  Emissary and Education Director of UPF-Asia, Dr. Robert S. Kittel gave the life changing lectures.


The Former Minister of Peace and Reconstruction and current Member of Parliament Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal as a chief guest gave a remarkable message to the participants.

Dr. Yong urges the participants of “Becoming a model Peace Maker through conquering oneself, making peaceful families and caring for one nation”. A meaningful and deep presentation was given by Dr. Kittel to the young Adult, “to keep their purity” and Leave for the Sake others”. Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari, National Training Center Director is one of the lecturer of 3 day South Asian Youth Leadership Seminar.

The strong presentation that the participants heard from the lecturer are the very basis of the young adult to determined themselves to help their nation to become peaceful and proper. One participants from Bangladesh said “My duty now is to take responsibility and responsibility is my power to change my nation”

After the presentation of the Father’s Life Course by Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel, FFWPU-Nepal president, the participants was so move and shed tears “I cannot imagine like Father Moon a man of sacrifice for sake of the world” participants said. And He added,” I have my vision for my country and as my contribution for sake of peaceful community, I determined to help the UPF and its affiliated organization to work in our country”.

The participants of South Asian Youth Leadership Seminar are eager to participate and organized their own peace activities in according to their field of ability.

The participants from Nepal are determined to go to next level of education.

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