Russia: Workshop for the Victory of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship


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By FFWPU Russia

After finishing leaders meeting which was held on September 3 to 6th, 2016 we are making clear goals, strategy and plans for each CARP center for 2016 until Autumn 2017.

From September 16 ro 18th 201, we hold a continental level blessed family workshop as the preparation for Heavenly Tribal Messiahship in In Moscow. More than 160 Blessed members from different cities of Russia, as well as from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania and Latvia participated at this workshop. Dr. Otsuka was a main speaker. Also we had director of Blessed Family Department FFWPU International, Mr. Bang, who gave 3 lectures as well.


In the Peace Embassy in Moscow there was a ceremony to make a new start for Russian and Moscow Unification Movement HQs. Mr. Bang and Dr. Otsuka joined it together with members.