Portugal : Conference on Religious Pluralism and Citizenship


Promoted by the Ministry of Justice


By FFWPU Portugal, Sergio Neto

In the auditorium of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, a conference took place under the invitation of the Minister of Justice, Her Excellency Dr. Francisca Van Dunem, and the Religious Freedom Commission. Various religious denominations have been invited, among them also the Unification Church. It was for the first time that the Unification Church was officially invited by the Portuguese State.

Our movement was represented by Mr. Sergio Neto, national leader for Portugal, Mr. Liberto Silva and Dr. Avelino Rodrigues, responsible for the interfaith area of our movement, Mr. Sergio Vieira, UPF Secretary General for Portugal, and Mrs. Marta Cavalho, President WFWP Portugal. Among the invited people were important figures from the area of politics, scholars and experts on the constitution.

The theme of the meeting was: Religious Pluralism and Citizenship. The opening remark were given by the minister of justice, Dr. Francisca Van Dunem. The conference had two panels followed by a debate. After her closing speech, the newly appointed President of the National Religious Committee and former President of WFWP Portugal, Dr. José Eduardo Vera Jardim, announced that each participant gets a free copy of Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s autobiography. The first copy was given to Her Excellency the Minister of Justice Dr. Francisca Van Dunem by Mr. Liberto Silva, responsible for the interfaith area of our movement. Another 36 copies were given to the rest of the participants.

We left the meeting with a deep sense of having accomplished something big. We believe that it is a beginning of greater things to come. Distributing True Father’s autobiuography will bear fruits. We hope that our Heavenly Parent and True Parents can be happy with our effort and rejoice with us in our victory.

Her Excellency the Minister of Justice Dr. Francisca Van Dunem receives Rev Sun Myung Moon’s autobiography from Mr. Liberto Silva, responsible for Interfaith of FFWPU Portugal.