Peace Road 2016 in Netherland

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By FFWPU Netherland, Hans Campman

We had a successful Peace Tour songs (as a choir) about Peace, which we had practiced beforehand. One elder members during the Peace Walk. Many people gave their positive reactions; some in Amsterdam on Sunday August 14th. 80 of us participated in a Peace Walk, 1st and 2nd generation. 15 of the group were young guests from the near-by town of Almere.

We followed an 8 km track which first led us through the southern part of the city to the famous Vondelpark. In the park we made a route in the shape of a loop (8) to all four corners of the park and finally marched to the Museum square.

We did the walk divided in 8 teams, each led by a 2nd gen. During the tour we did two rallies. One was in the Vondelpark (at the statue made by Picasso), the other one, which we held on Museum square (in front of the Dutch National Museum) concluded the Peace Walk.

At the rallies we assembled as one big group. We held up the banner and sang two brother performed a solo song from his own repertoire, accompanying himself on the guitar.

Our Peace Road proclamation was read out loudly by one member, proclaiming the Peace Road, the work of True Parents and the vision of “One Family under God”. Literature explaining about Peace Road, FFWPU and the DP was displayed on a “table on wheels”. From that table also drinks and snacks were served.

At the concluding rally on Museum square one guest speaker, Mr. Bart ten Broek, leading member of “United Religions Initiative”, gave a speech in which he supported the vision of the Peace Road and applied it to the situation in the Netherlands. The rally was concluded by three cheers of mansei led by our brother.

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A good number of leaflets informing about the Peace Road were distributed by our even joined in during the walk; others sang along with us during the rallies.

At the FFWPU centre in Amsterdam, we had an evening program attended by 30 people. Among the attendees ten were guests out of whom 5 VIPs. The video of the Peace Road was presented. Our UPF general secretary explained the vision and practical implications of the Peace Road. A compilation of slides, put together by a brother, was shown about the Peace Walk which we had just done in the afternoon. Dr. Willem van Eekelen, former defense minister of the Netherlands (who had come with his wife) gave the main address. The final part was a 30 minutes discussion in groups on the topic of how to make world peace. In the end, from each group a 2nd gen read out a summary they had made of the main statements during the discussion.

A team of sisters took care of the lunch, bags with shacks and drinks and a wonderful dinner. Even though the action was rather small scale, we could make an impact on a number of people. For ourselves it was very significant to do this investment together. The action not only strengthened the unity between our mind and bodies; it brought us closer to each other as brothers and sisters and to our friends and guests who had joined us in the common effort. Walking and singing together created a sense of unity and joy between all the participants. For our VIPs it was good to see that we are willing to invest our sweat and energy for the noble cause.