Peace Road 2016 in Belgium


By FFWPU Belgium, Hugo Veracx

The Peace Road 2016 in Belgium started at Waterloo. Waterloo is well known as the place where the final battle between the French forces of Napoleon and the Anglo-led Allied forces took place in 1815. The Lion’s mound stands as memorial for this fierce battle which led to the end of the rule of Napoleon.

We gathered at the home of Jean- Pierre Delens in Waterloo and from there we went to the ‘Lion’s mound’. The sky was grey and there was a little rain. At first we lost the road and after our picture at the Lion’s mound a brother (Kristof Tanghe) got a call that there was fire at his house. He urgently had to hurry to his house. Afterwards it seemed not that serious.

But it was clear we had to break through something. The Second Gen. therefore started singing Holy Songs along the way as we headed to Bastogne, 165 km away. And yes, along the way the sky opened up and beautiful rays of sun were showing us God’s blessing. It became such a beautiful sunny afternoon.

Our final destination was The Mardasson Memorial in Bastogne. The Mardasson Memorial is a monument honoring the memory of American soldiers wounded or killed during World War II’s Battle of the Bulge. We arrived just at the same time as our Brothers and Sisters of Luxembourg to whom we wanted to pass on the torch of the Peace Road.

So, by driving 165 km we connected 2 memorial places which meant turning points in world history. They symbolize the victory of God’s side in the respective battles but also they remind us of the horror of war, expressing the hope of “war no more”. The peace road initiative expresses the same hope and wants to brings victory on God’s side. This was the intention of what we perhaps symbolically wanted to express by our event.

We discovered that there was also a crypt under the Mardasson Memorial with three altars, one for Protestant, Catholic and Jewish services, expressing also the hope for unity of religions.

We had a very nice “one family under God” experience with our brothers and sisters of Luxembourg with some ice cream and drink. We all returned with a good, happy feeling of having contributed a little bid in God’s providence by symbolically realizing True Father’s dream to have a Peace Road. Many thanks to all brothers and sisters who made such an effort to participate.

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