Multicultural Family Peace Blessing in Singapore: Happy Marriage, Happy Family


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by FFWPU Singapore

FFWPU community in Singapore held the 6th Blessing Festival with the theme “Happy Marriage, Happy Family” on September 24, 2016.

Singapore is a nation of diverse ethnic groups with multi-religious denominations living peacefully in harmony. Hence, it is an ideal place for a joint cultural and interfaith peace marriage celebration.

The 6th Multicultural Family Peace Blessing Festival was held at a Care Corner Senior Activity Centre, which is a voluntary elderly service center in Singapore. A group of volunteers comprising of blessed families, supporters and friends had mobilized themselves to invite 42 already married couples to the beautiful Blessing event.


The couples came together to re-dedicate their marriage vows, in the hope of revitalizing the quality of their marriages and the building a 3 generation ideal family. Regardless of race and cultures, the couples participated in the event fully together in joyous mood. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the exciting entertainment, food and lucky raffle.

The Blessing Festival helps to promote the importance of strong family ideologies and the universal values of raising up children of good moral characters. This event therefore contributes to the building of a harmonious society and a prosperous nation.

We congratulate all the blessed couples and wish them all a wonderful and successful marriage and family lives ahead.