Nepal: Special One-Day Seminars



By FFWPU Nepal

On the foundation of True Mother’s profound devotion in Bonhyangwon, to create the 4 Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk, our one-day special seminars in preparation to receive the special grace bestowed through the four great Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk, the throughout Nepal began on August 13, 2016 at our Peace Embassy in Kathmandu.

In this event, Special Cheon Il Guk Envoy to Nepal, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal and Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel, president of FFWPU Nepal guided participants which include Ambassador for Peace, head of different departments and organizations and Blessed Central Families.

Rev. Kashi Nath Khanal, the FFWPU-Nepal national Lecturer was directed by the FFWPU-Nepal president Rev. Santosh Kumar Paudel to reach out to the devoted blessed central families in every corner of Nepal and share True Mother’s love.

That is why, from September 2nd to10th, 2016, a series of one-day special seminar were held in 5 States of Nepal. And A total of 440 blessed central families participated in these seminars.

Rev. Paudel, urges leaders to continuously giving the one-day special seminar for all the blessed central families and Previously Marriage Couple until the end of October.

One of the participants at this seminars said: “this seminar is making my spiritual life awake and revive from the fraction, hesitate, confused and divided, True Parents love is boundless and eternal, how great am I to hear feel the boundless love of True Mother.”

The one-day special seminar will continue in every corner of Nepal, to conduct from different places, region and district to spread the word of True Parents.

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