Nepal: 138th National 21-day Training Graduation


By FFWPU Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal—FFWPU Nepal recently concluded its 138th national, 21-day training. Forty participants from 18 districts throughout Nepal graduated on Sept. 5. On average Nepal conducts at least ten 21-day trainings every year. This means that for nearly 1.5 decades Nepal has been continually educating, training and raising up the youth of this nation.

This track-record demonstrates the commitment of our Nepalese leaders to teach our True Parents’ life-changing Divine Principle and for this reason the program is called our “21-day lifestyle training course.” Now that Nepal has been selected as one of the Special Strategic Nations, our education programs will be larger, more focused and effective.

The content of this 3-week training consists of one week of Divine Principle education, one week of fundraising, along with time spent for lecture practice, community service and a special outing.


The Chief Guest at this graduation ceremony was the CIG Special Envoy and two-time Minister in the Government of Nepal, Honorable Ek Nath Dhakal. He urged participants to take on the challenge to establish nation of peace, advising participants to have heart of filial piety as the essence of new leadership. He testified about the life and teachings of True Parents to establish a heavenly culture and peaceful society, encouraging participants to join together to transform True Parents great vision into a reality.

Special CIG Emissary and Education Director of UPF-Asia, Dr. Robert S. Kittel, emphasized that Father and Mother Moon are taking the responsibility of Peace-Loving Global Parents because they are helping to solve the fundamental problems of heaven, earth and humankind. Dr. Kittel further emphasized that keeping purity was one of the best ways young people can help build a prosperous and peaceful Nepal.

Mr. Pakash Babu Tapa, the National Vice-President and President of YFWP, advised graduates to continue a life of faith by attending True Parents even after returning home. The Director of the National Training Center is Mr. Rupsingh Bhandari.



Chandra Ghalan, Radio Journalist, from Hetauda: “Before coming here, I was lazy and thought that I can win this world by money and power. But I realized that there are a lot of things I need to develop. I understand that the purpose of life is living for others, for the greater good and I am so much inspired by True Parents’ life. As I’m a journalist I want to determine that I will start a radio program about our True Parents to educate this nation.”

Sabirti Kherel from Jhapa: “I am truly enlightened by True Parents teaching and I learned why and how to live for the sake of others… When I heard about True Parents life, how they have gone through so many difficulties but always remained strong and continued sacrificing, this truly was a turning point in my life. I want to serve True Parents’ mission as a frontline leader.”

Deepak B.K. from Mugu: “I was completely unaware about God and the purpose of our existent. But when I heard Divine Principle it made clear about purpose of life and the existence of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I completely determined that my life will be for our Heavenly Parent and True Parents.”