Irish Sports Day Report



By FFWPU Ireland, Youngil Ely Loew

he Irish Church community had a lovely sports day together on the last Saturday in August (August 27th) at a local Sports Center. Families came from as far as Northern Ireland to participate in this day! The morning started off with family games, relay races weaving between cones, hockey stick in hand chasing a tennis ball, spinning around 10 times and then setting off to eat a donut off a string without the use of your hands (THAT was fun!), wheel barreling, leading your blindfolded partner between the cones, and matanage and dodge ball tournaments.

We had picnic lunches and some of us went to join a type of meditation called Falun Gong. This is a meditation that is sometimes practiced on downtown Dublin streets and can help one gain peace and energy. We also celebrated the July and August birthdays with a cake cutting during lunch.

After lunch we had a baskteball and badminton tournament (singles and doubles :). It was wonderful to see the unity between brother and sister, father and son, and couple’s teams, as well as individual talent showing through.

Gold medals were awarded to teams and individuals according to the tournament results. It was a wonderful day to connect with each other as families and friends, and we hope to have more community sports events in the future. It was a great way to bring families together and have some fun.