Honduras: Chon Il Guk Holy Items


By FFWPU Honduras

After the visit of the Regional Director Rev. Sang Suek Kim and the special emissary of True Mother Dr. Chang Shik Yang in June 21-23, 2016 in order to hand out the Cheon Il Guk Four Holy Items, we decided to have a workshop for all the blessed families.

In fact, the visit by the two elders was a reason for a good call for the members for a special condition and a workshop. And actually everyone showed interest to take part in the 40 days special prayer condition.

Once the first group of members finished their 40-day condition, we began our education program for understanding and good care and administration of the holy items.

Our two one-day workshop (on Saturday 20 and Saturday 27 of August) was organized in a way that most people could participate.