Happy Taiwan and love in Tainan, Blessing Ceremony


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By FFWPU Taiwan

Because we had not held such event for a long time in Tainan City which located in southern Taiwan, the public did not understand FFWPU and so we have encountered many challenges during preparation for the event, such as invitation for blessing event.

Anyway, on September 25, 2016 we had 28 couples who attended the blessing ceremony. All participated couples and blessed families and staff members were so happy at the event. And under such a warm atmosphere, each couple were moved joyfully.

After blessing ceremony, we held meal party, singing KTV and awarded the gold and silver wedding commemorative award, participated couples are so happy and very grateful for FFWPU to hold this meaningful and touched event for them. Vice president of FFWPU Rev. Min gave a lively and interesting blessing lecture during the ceremony. After the blessing lecture, most of participated couples sign to join 40-day separation. We will assist them until the completion of 3-day ceremony.

Also, we invited the United Daily News (The top four newspapers in Taiwan). They interview with two pairs of couples, one couple is married 60 anniversaries. The husband is the chairman of the Community Development Association and his wife was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (referred to as AD), but husband seriously takes care of her, inseparable, it’s a good testimony. The newspaper is also devoted to large-scale coverage. It brings a positive image for organizer (FFWPU and UPF). Also, the newspaper reports a participated couple of Taiwanese and Chinese about how they can overcome cross-strait cultural differences and love each other. When this report came out, it has touched many readers and as if it’s a positive clean-up among so many negative news in our society.

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