Ghana: The Grace of the Holy Wine and the Four Holy Itmes

By FFWPU Ghana

The president of FFWPU Ghana, Rev. Anthony Arthur, was accompanied by the former president and the head of the blessed family department of Ghana to Nuba, for a two-day program, to extend the grace bestowed on the four holy Items by the True Parents, to members of the Western Region of Ghana.

The program that took place on the 17th and 18th of September was attended by more than 50 members from that region. The tight scheduled included lectures on the Divine Principle, Lectures on Life of Faith, the Significance of the Blessing, and The Importance of the Four Holy Items. Rev. Tegha King, and Pastor James Adu where the main lecturers of the event. They were greatly supported by the Head of the Blessed family Department, Rev. Edward Aboagye who was the MC. of the program as well.

Rev. Tegha explained to members that the Holy wine ceremony was a risk the True parents was taking to liberate members of the unification family all round the world from the satanic trails of the era before the Cheon Il Guk, and that each day, “We must all make efforts to live lives that would make our True father in the spirit world, and our True mother on earth, happy parents.” Rev. Tegha repeated that the Unification Church has the sweetest story ever told. “The story of the beginning and the end, in which history starts with the loss of a couple, Adam and Eve, and ends with the emergence of a new Adam and a New Eve who start a new history. A sweet short story that summarizes the Divine Principle in just a phrase.”

Pastor Adu emphasised that the blessing is the beginning point of the blessed life that God promised Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He said, “There is no way the three great blessings can be fulfilled by anyone if we do not first remove the origin sin and align onto the lineage of God.” The one day workshop of the 17th started at 9:00 am and ended by 5:30pm

The next day, which was also a Sunday, Rev. Tegha made a presentation of the significance of the Special holy wine ceremony and the grace of the holy items. He emphasised that participants should prepare their hearts and spirits to receive what he called the “last grace.” After the presentation, Rev. Edward Aboagye as Mc. of the day, called the participants to welcome the National leader on pulpit.

Rev. Anthony, made a prayer and re-emphasized on the importance of the grace that is given us and the responsibility that it entails. He also reiterated the main conditions necessary to receive the holy wine and the holy items. Participants were invited to pulpit to bring their resolutions and placed them on the altar with a bow.

Then came the moment everyone was anticipating. Qualified participants were all made to receive the wine, and the holy items in accordance with the instructions that accompanied the memo. The video that has the deep benediction prayer of true mother was made to play on the screen. Everyone solemnly watched and listened attentively while standing in the form of circle; family by family. The families all ended the pray with a solemn “AJu.”

The program ended with three cheers of Eog Mansei that were led by the National leader, Rev. Anthony, and participants where given the participatory forms to fill.

Nuba witnessed for the first time, this kind of ceremony and many members were inspired to have not only the holy items, but the presence of the various leaders that came along to grace the occasion.

Prophet Aboagye, a Christian Prophet who has been following the movement for a long time now in that region; and is popularly known nationwide as a seer and miracle maker, expressed his heartfelt gratitude with a pledge to always support financially and otherwise, every trip that the national leader will ever embark on, in the region.

In a nutshell, the event was a humble occasion that was filled with the blessings and manifestation of the Holy Spirit.