Finland: First and Second Generation Harmony Workshop

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By FFWPU Finland

Members from 12 families participated in the first workshop on strengthening bonds between the 1st and 2nd generations in our community.

A campsite just outside of Helsinki, with a former school house was the venue of our Family retreat over the midsummer weekend in June 2016.

A new small hall for meetings and recreation directly at a lake, in the midst of nature, was a wonderful setting for getting together, studying together, having Sunday service, an evening sing-out, sharing testimonies and playing games by groups. With the sunny and warm weather, quite some time was spent for swimming and boating as well.

Everyone agreed that it was a happy time spent, with a good balance of spiritual and physical activities, with doing chores not by families but by inter-generational teams.

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On 13th August, the Finnish community conducted a one-day WS introducing the Special Grace and the Four Holy CIG Items given by True Parents. There was a review of True Parents’ life, their guidance on our attitude of Loyalty and Filial Piety in our lives of Faith, as well as a look at True Father’s course of attempting to bring public leaders to help build CIG.

Overall, the workshop was well received as the kick-off for the 40 day condition (21.Aug. – 29.Sept.) to receive the Holy Items.

For the 4th Anniversay of True Father’s Seongwha, families and friends, including Ambassador-for-Peace, in Helsinki on Friday evening 19th August 2016.

The program of one hour began with a powerpoint introducing True Father’s legacy of having invested himself into this world through various organizations and projects. It also highlighted his key teachings.

A Japanese ladies’ trio offered a joyful song, followed by three testimonies. Both first and second generation members shared compact insights on how Rev. Moon has impacted their lives to this day.

The 10 min video ” As a Peace loving Global Citizen” rounded up the official program opening the time for refreshment and fellowship one extended family.