CARP Las Vegas Purity Pledge Follow-Up



The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) in Las Vegas hosted their first monthly follow-up of their Purity Pledge event, a commitment ceremony to uphold purity before marriage. The program includes continuous support and check-ins to navigate a life of abstinence before marriage.

Young people in the community and even from Europe came together to spend a night of bonding as brothers and sisters, starting with a delicious meal of burritos and mingling time. Afterward, the participants divided into the teams they had established at their first Purity Pledge event and checked in with each other, asking each other how it has been since the purity pledge and sharing why purity is important to them. Based on participant feedback, it was evident that many were able to share very deeply and honestly.

Akira Watanabe of CARP LV gave a talk about how we can prepare ourselves for marriage just by a small shift in perspective. He shared with us that a beautiful marriage can happen when we focus on our own growth first. In the end, we held one last discussion to share what we were able to gain through the guidance in small groups, and expressed our gratitude for Heavenly Parent and True Parents for helping us taste the beautiful culture we were able to create.