Cameroon: Peace Road 2016


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By FFWPU Cameroon


On Saturday the 24th of September 2016, there were two major events that were held in the town of Tiko; Peace Road 2016 and the celebration of the International Day of Families.

The rally began at 8:00 a.m. with the arrival of the Divisional Officer for Tiko sub division at the Mutengene round about and the signing of the peace flag by the authorities there present which included the State Counsel for Muyuka, Mrs. Nkamngoh Rose Nkamanyi, Bishop Johnson Motaze of Outreach Ministries, a Muslim imam and ambassadors for peace. Before signing Rev. Edwin Plekhanov the Cameroon UPF National Coordinator briefly explained the significance of the Peace Road rally. After the signing we began walking while singing the “peace anthem” from Mutengene roundabout to Tiko Town Green Hall and covered about 7 km.The Divisional Officer himself took the lead on the front line bearing the Peace Road Banner. Over 150 people gathered to begin the walk while some joined along the way. Despite the rain that was threatening at the moment we began the walk, everyone from young to old were determined to keep walking until we had covered the 7km trajectory leading to the Tiko Town Green hall where the conference was to be held. The police assisted throughout the walk by coordinating the movement of cars to facilitate the peace road participants.

After arriving at the Tiko Town Green Hall, the participants were given water to drink and snacks to eat as they were being led to sign the peace flag and take their seats in the hall. The M.C. was Rev. Fongoh Innocent, the S.G. of UPF Cameroon. The conference began with prayers offered by the Muslim Imam and the Christian Bishop. Next was a word of welcome from the regional secretary and State Counsel for Muyuka, Mrs. Nkamngoh Rose Nkamanyi. The national coordinator for UPF – Cameroon, Rev. Edwin Pleckanov then took the podium to explain the significance of the international day of Peace.

Heunderlined the importance to gain a universal understanding of Peace that is comprehensive and acceptable by all. After this, Rev. Fongoh took the podium and explained the mission and responsibility of peace ambassadors and then announced the appointment of two new Ambassadors for Peace Chief Ketu Stephen and Mr. Kongso Patrick, both who had been members for peace and received the marriage and successfully began family life. Their certificates of appointment were awarded by Rev. Edwin Plekhanov. Before he awarded these certificated he stressed on the importance of marital fidelity for both couples.



The Senior Divisional Officer of Tiko: I hope through this peace road, our roads will be blessed and free from all accidents and road crimes. Also given the important event, the hosting of the African female nation’s cup in Limbe, it is really a blessing that the UPF chose to make this peace rally on the main road that leads to Limbe and so I am sure that all upcoming events in this south west region will be done in peace.

Bishop Johnson Motaze of Outreach Ministries: It is really interesting to march alongside people of different faiths and from all walks of life under the banner of peace. Peace is not only for the Christians or the Muslims or the Buddhists. It is for everyone, and we could see this from the massive turnout of people from different occupations marching together for peace.