Cameroon: International Day of Peace


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By UPF Cameroon

The International Day of Peace gathering began at 5:00p.m. on September 21, 2016. The participants started arriving a little bit earlier. The gathering of the peace ambassadors on this day of peace was an occasion for them to reflect on, how they can actively and efficiently participate in bringing about long lasting peace in Cameroon.

Mrs. Rachel Van Iersel the MC of the occasion gave a welcome remarks followed by the Cameroonian National Anthem , Bishop Pierre Tang offered an invocation

The MC said our meeting and celebration. “It’s all about building a world of lasting peace”, as a celebration Leady and gentlemen kindly feel at home.

The UPF National Coordinator Rev. Edwin Plekhanov, UPF Chairman Ambassador Dr. Banda were presented to the assembly.

The UN Secretariat General for the occasion was raid by Dr. Ndi George, where he added his own words saying peace will never come about if we are not all involved.

To entertain the assembly JinHee Amelia and JinJoo Vicktoriya presented songs.


The inauguration of the International Parliamentarians Association for Peace video was projected to allow the audience to understand more the impact of UPF activities and implication in building peace, a Peace Blessing video was all shown as UPF project for World Peace. The main activities presented here was the peace road, the launching around the world of the parliamentarian association for peace and blessing peace festival held by Tribal Messiahs in various nations of the world.

Presentation of the UPF was given by the UPF National Mr. Secretary General, Innocent Fongoh. He clearly said that there is no peace without God. Peace begins in the family and we need to live for the sake of others. He talked of the Founders vision, the principle of peace, character education and living a transparent life.

As the second part of this celebration Dr. Ndi George lead the discussion on how Peace Ambassadors in Cameroon can effectively fulfill their task, and mission, later spoke on the importance of developing long lasting peace. He said peace should be a way of life. He opened the floor for people to give contributions, ideas on how peace can be concretely made. After the participants’ reaction to this open floor, the MC asked everybody to stand and they sang the slogan of peace. “Peace is not a word but a way of life.”

The UPF Chairman Dr. Ambassador Banda gave his impressions about the conference saying “I am really lucky that I could meet Rev and Mrs. Moon in this time or torment the world is facing, we need to be more active to impact the society, the only way of world peace is to embrace UPF vision of Peace of UPF”.

The UPF National Coordinator Rev Edwin Plekhanov gave a closing remark” I am so happy to realize that many people are conscious about building a world peace, as we are here today I will like to use this occasion to talk about the peace road 2016 that will taking place in Tiko South West on Saturday 24th you are all invited to be part “. Rev Edwin Plekhanov equally encouraged all Peace Ambassador to engage themselves in various Peace initiatives center on family to bring about everlasting peace.

UPF is now on a TV program VISION 4 Channel (au Coeur du mistere) every Thursday 8 PM where Rev. Mbu Manchang Puis in charge of Religious affairs in UPF is actively participating in explaining the vision of Peace of Father and Mother Moon and then invited all peace ambassador to go for such initiatives.

The next meeting was programmed for the upcoming Thursday (29th of September). In this meeting the 2 parliamentarians will give a report on their participation in the launching of the International Parliamentarian Association for Peace in West and Central Africa they attended last August in Burkina Faso.

To conclude the gathering, the participants prayed together and a family picture was taken. All participants was invited to visit the renovated building of FFWPU where one office is allocated to UPF.



Rev. Pierre Tang: “All development is first spiritual. So, to create peace we need to embody peace. We can’t pretend to spread peace if we as individuals we are not the incarnation of peace. To create peace we need to understand the importance of developing our character. We need to have a peaceful character” he said. He insisted on the fact that we need to work because it seems like we are sleeping. It’s our duty to spread peace.

Ya ya Ben Jaffa: “We need to pass down this education of peace through the root. This education needs to be transmitted to the youths. Our responsibility is to spread peace. Thus, each ambassador should work for that” he said. He proposed that at the end of the month each ambassador should come and give a report of what he or she has done for his surrounding as contribution to long lasting peace. He equally talked of CARP. The youths should work. The Man “For peace to be we need to have that fear of God” This needs to be implemented in our society because without God there is no peace. We need to create a religious background.

Hon.Dissake Marguerite: She said she doesn’t understand why they are still wars? Why is peace so difficult to achieve? Whereas in the bible God’s clearly says through the commandment that “Thou shall not kill” But then people still kill. She wonders what kills most. Is it death sentence or wars (the usage of guns)? Even in those countries were they’ve abolished death sentence people practice euthanasia. When someone dies they always say “rest in peace” even if the person had a bad way of living. Why not say “live in peace?” How can we rest in peace if we can’t live in Peace? Peace is not something material, it’s first spiritual. God is peace. If we do not have God’s peace in us how can we transmit it? We transmit peace through our character. That’s why character education is very important.