Bolivia: International Day of Peace


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By UPF Bolivia, David Pereyra

On September 23, 2016 UPF Bolivia together with the Women’s Federation for World Peace, celebrated the International Day of Peace.

Participants included two Deputies, religious leaders of different traditions and Peace Ambassadors and guests from all areas of society with a total of 150 participants.

And our event included an interfaith prayer, appointing of four VIPs as Ambassadors of Peace, and a forum was also held under the theme: “Sustainable Development Objectives: Constitutive Elements of Peace”.

Later a tribute was made to an outstanding Ambassador for Peace who recently ascended to the spiritual world. Rev. Father Sebastian Obermayer or Father Obermayer who did lots of  good social work in the city of El Alto, was recognized for his work by all the leaders of Bolivia. In recent years, he was actively involved in many UPF Bolivia related works.

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