Austria: Workshop for Receiving the 4 Holy Items

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By FFWPU Austria

On Monday, August 15, 2016 which is a Catholic holiday in Austria, 120 members, mostly from the Vienna community, gathered for a 1-day-workshop as a condition to receive the 4 Holy Items. The topics of the lectures given were:

“The Steps that lead towards Peace”: This lecture given by Johannes Stampf covered the ambivalent condition of mankind after the Fall and way to build Cheon Il Guk as described by the Divine Principle, “The Heart of True Father”: Through his lecture Dr. Wolfgang Czerny conveyed various new and astonishing aspects of True Father’s life course that helped us to reflect in gratitude about our global foundation.

“God’s True Daughter”: The Vienna community leader Elisabeth Cook shared about True Mother’s life, mainly based on Dr. Tyler Hendricks videos “Glorious Gospel of True Parents” “Of Stones and of Olive Trees”: D. Zöhrer reflected about the meaning of the change of blood lineage and the value of the Holy Wine Ceremonies conducted in the era of Cheon Il Guk, “Repentance-Grace-Forgiveness”: Elisabeth Cook gave an overview on the grace of receiving the 4 Holy Items and gave guidance on how to prepare for them, and “The Meaning of the 4 Holy Items”: In this lecture the NL of Austria, Rev. Peter Zöhrer explained the internal meaning of the 4 Holy Items.

In the final session of the workshop, the participants had time to reflect, to repent and to write down their resolution for a new beginning.

The lectures were well received by the brothers and sisters, and the 2nd gen MCs and music team created a joyful atmosphere. We all felt that we could lay a strong foundation for receiving the 4 Holy Items which are scheduled to be distributed in Vienna on September 4, 2016.

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