Austria: Spreading New Thoughts in my Hometown



By Barbara Grabner

In 2014, I started to hold lectures in my home village south of Salzburg in cooperation with the founder of the Thannhaus Farmer Museum.

My ambition is to lecture either ten principle-related topics or to hold a one-day seminar there. In 2014 and 2015 my lectures focused on the chapters Life in the Spirit World and Resurrection. After some brain- storming I found some two more themes which are related to the providence of restoration. Since I spend July and August in my hometown there was enough time to introduce a second speaker.

Lecture about the Last Days and the arrival of the Pacific Era. Since the world is heading for disaster, the chapter Last Days offers profuse food for deeper insights. To make the story attractive to the public I titled the lecture “Europe: Decline or Turnaround?” Besides the Divine Principle (Chapter 3, section 4 and 5) and relevant passages in CSG, I made use of the work of the famous historians Oswald Spengler (Germany) and Arnold Toynbee (England).

True Father spoke about the Spengler´s theory in his speeches, and Y. O. Kim referred to Toynbee in her (red) Principle book. Spengler gained world fame with his book “The Decline of the Western World” published in 1918. Toynbee, the most successful historian of the 20th century, outlined the role of religions for creating new civilizations. Toynbee coined the saying “History repeats itself”. These historians are very helpful to present contents from Father´s speeches about the rise of the Pacific Rim and the historic role of Korea. I spend almost three weeks to put the various parts of the lecture together but finally I managed to do so.

To inform the villagers about the upcoming event I put almost 40 posters in restaurants and shops; the town hall and the tourist office also advertised my event. In addition I went to the neighbor village to put on posters with the support of my school friend Gaby who helped me to get permission. That was indeed a fruitful move since a nice number of guests came from there. My two-hour lecture on July 26, 2016 was attended by 27 persons, among them two of my cousins. I was glad that everyone endured the long and elaborate presentation which would be more suitable for intellectuals. At the end I handed out a leaflet with the 2000-year parallels of Israel and Christianity hoping that people realize that the Second Coming has taken place already!


Lecture about the Third Blessing and the temptation of Mammonism. The second lecture was held by the philosopher Herbert Giller. His book “What comes after Capitalism?” provided the title of the lecture which took place on August 23, 2016. The owner of the museum was a little bit nervous because she never had a philosopher from Vienna as a guest speaker! So we visited her the day before and we toured together the museum. Additionally we helped her to install the instruments and clean the place a little bit. Herbert Giller meditated much of the night about Inge and the place and detected profound spiritual elements. Not so many people as had promised turned up the next evening. There were many disturbances for various reasons – the evil spirits did their best to distract potential guests! But thanks to our Salzburg community 26 persons filled the room, among them three artists and several spiritually gifted ladies.

“Principles, although applied for thousands of years and opinions repeated for hundreds of years, may not necessarily be true. Let us take this chance, after the possible crash, to base the economic activities of humankind upon a new foundation,” Giller said. His vivid power point presentation included the story of the golden calf, quotes from the prophets and from Pope Francis. The response of the audience was enthusiastic and the author sold all his books. Several participants perceived a tense and high spiritual atmosphere during the lecture.

At the entrance we had put up a small book table. Inge put there the autobiography of Rev. Moon and made a nice statement about his suffering course. All books (6) were taken! One lady who organizes events in a region nearby invited me to give a lecture there too. My maternal ancestors come from this region and I felt that my prayers to teach her tribe had been answered. I had asked several persons to assist me to find facilities for a lecture there. In vain! Now heaven sent me this lady who opens a new gate.