Asia holds its 3rd Parent Matching Convocation in the Philippines


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By FFWPU Philippines

Asia held a 2-day Parents Matching Convocation (PMC) last September 10 and 11, 2016 at FFWPU-Philippine HQ. A total of 95 participants attended from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines. BFD directors from Malaysia, Thailand, Japan-Philippine, and Philippines were also present during the whol e event.

The 2-day event was one of Asia’s footholds for PMCs as it was the first time of most of the delegates to attend the said convocation. It was an eye-opener for many of the parents as they learn about the matching itself and realize the importance of their role as Blessed parents in preparing their children for the matching and Blessing.


On the first day, the parents were welcomed by the National Leader and CIG special envoy to the Philippines, Dr. Julius Malicdem as he gave a warm message to the participants. The parents were able to have a clear knowledge about the preparations needed both internally and externally in entering the process as Mrs. Ursula McLackland, Special Envoy and BFD Director for Asia, discussed about the Parent Matching and Blessing Qualifications in the first lecture. It was then followed by a powerful speech by Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Continental Director and Special Emissary for Asia, instilling into the parents’ hearts the seriousness of their roles before, during, and after the matching. Shortly after, Mrs. McLackland introduced and discussed the details of the Parent Matching Process. This was followed by testimonies from Yie Sun Vergara, Blessed 2nd generation who attended the Blessing in Korea last February, and one elder couple from Thailand Mr. Solot and his wife who found the spouse for their son in the last Asian Parent Matching Convocation.

After the lectures and testimonies, the excitement grew as the parents of matching candidates one by one introduced their child’s profiles using powerpoint presentations on stage. Then the parents had the opportunity to network with the other parents as well as search for potential matches through the display of profiles from other regions for the remainder of the first day and in the morning of the second day of the convocation. During this time, parents also had the chance to clarify question and learn about the use of the bcmatching website. Dr. Yong also made himself available to personally consult parents in their options of potential matches for their children which greatly encouraged them.

The morning devotion led by Dr. Yong each day provided a rich spiritual atmosphere and foundation to look at the matching process from a wider perspective of God’s providence.


The holding of the Asia Parents Matching Convocation in the Philippines was truly very timely as a growing number of blessed parents in the Asian Region are seriously preparing for the matching and blessing of their children.

Following the PMC, Asian BFD leaders and Matching Advisors met over the next 2 days to evaluate and improve the PMC as well standardize qualifications and required documents for the Matching and Blessing throughout the region. Mrs. McLackland also shared the guidelines and discussions during the recent International BFD Directors meeting in Korea with the Asian BFD directors. By holding the PMC and BFD leaders meeting twice a year, we will be able to cooperate closely and help each other provide better care and guidance for our blessed families and their children.



“I can feel God’s heart… Everyone (the parents) was happy and eager. In the original Garden of Eden, this was supposed to be God’s plan. I lament that God could not feel it at that time but we, blessed families, were able to feel this joy and excitement as we reach this point.”

“As I was preparing two of my sons’ profiles, I realized that this was supposed to be Mother Mary’s role which she was not able to fulfill… I am very grateful that I could raise these children of God and True Parents on their behalf to continue God’s lineage. I realize that there are so many things to prepare. I thank Dr. Yong, Mrs. Ursula, and the staff for preparing this kind of event.”