Andora: International Day of Peace



UPF Andorra, By Chatiboot Babi

In commemoration of the International Day of Peace, UPF-Andorra organized the mini football (football 7) tournament on the 4th of September in one of the National Football Camp in Ordino, a beautiful Parish north of Andorra, under the theme of “Play Football Make Peace”.

There were 4 amateur football teams: Associació de Residents Xilens a Andorra, Associació de Residents Peruans al Principat d’Andorra, Grup d’amics Portuguesos Residents a Andorra and Grup d’amics Espanyols Residents a Andorra. It was the first time the 4 teams played together so it was a very meaningful and happy time for all participants as it was the event in commemoration of the International Day of Peace. After finishing the football matches; we went to Hotel Babot, overlook the beautiful village of Ordino, for a presentation of International Day of Peace.

There were about 55 people attending the event included a Member of Andorra’s Parliament from St. Julià de Lòria Parish, His Excllency Josep Majoral. Mr. Lluis Babi, Andorra’s UPF director explained about the history of the International Day of Peace. He read the message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, the statement by the Universal Peace Federation and explaining about the UPF’s founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his vision and works for world peace.

A video introduction of UPF and the overview of the UPF‘s work in 2015 were shown. We had an honor of His Excllency Josep Majoral gaving the trophy to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes and the certificates were given to all the teams.

The 1st winner was Associació de Residents Peruans al Principat d’Andorra Team. The 2nd prize was Grup d’amics Espanyols Residents a Andorra Team.

The 3rd prize was Grup d’amics Portuguesos Residents a Andorra Team. We ended the day with the nice lunch at the hotel. It was a very successful and happy day as all participants felt very good to participate in the commemoration of this International Day of Peace; it was not just playing football together. They could know each other and were very happy to spend the day together and all expressed the appreciation for inviting them to part of the program to promote peace. They expressed their supports for our next event.

We are thankful to one of our Ambassador of Peace, Mr. Carlos Leandro, who brought the teams together.

Following this International Day of Peace in Andorra’s event “Play Football Make Peace”; the event and the result was published in one of the newspapers, “Bondia” and one national newspaper “El Periodic d’Andorra” interviewed Mr. Lluis Babi, as Andorra’s UPF director and as the former Member of Andorra’s Parliament from Ordino Parish.


Article in the newspaper

El (The Periodic Newspaper of Andorra)

Interview LLUÍS BABI (By ESTHER MARTIN JOVER): « He wanted a better Constitution for the Country » LLUÍS BABI AMBASSADOR FOR PEACE

The Universal Peace Federation has several Ambassadors to Andorra, one is Lluis Babi, former Member of the Parliament, not satisfied with the politics, while not yet retired, spends part of his time in Coral Casamanya Ordino (pictured, Babi is top right).

– What Does the Universal Peace Federation do in Andorra?

– The Universal Peace Federation was created in 2005, and those who are part are ambassadors for peace, from the religious sphere, sports, politics, and so on. In Andorra, we are 15 who are ambassadors for peace: the first was Mrs. Rosa Mari Sorribes. This year we organized a football tournament under the theme “Play football for Peace.”

But you do something…

We share in various fields, one of which is interfaith dialogue while a couple of years ago that we met with representatives of different religions, which is one of the foundations of our Federation, and an initiative of UNESCO. Another is the foundation of our family as a school of love and a base through which we can promote peace. In addition, education and human development, service to others and give to others.

– You sings in the Casamanya Choir.

– Yes, it is one of the activities I do to keep music in Ordino, but I do not have a great voice! When I will retire in a few years if I am healthy I will dedicate myself more to these activities.

– Your Family has political tradition, the name “Babi” is known.

– My Grandfather, my father and I had been the Member of the Parliament; my brother was the Mayor of Ordino Parish, and another older brother was a member of the Mayor Hall of Encamp Parish. Our family involved in Politics for a while.

– A Family wanting to do things for people.

– Yes, but I was disappointed in politics after the Constitution. I participated a lot in Politics and I was very critical of the Constitution, so the people thought I would not vote for the Constitution, but I did because I wanted a better Constitution for Andorra. However, it was better to have the Constitution than not to have! After that, I was not active in politics because I think it was not the way it should had been done.

– But politics is the key to help foster peace. Yes, and today, in London, until the 9th there is the 1st meeting to create the Federation of European Parliamentarians for Peace. I was inviting Andorran Parliamentarians to participate, but due the celebration of National Day on September 8 [Meritxell Day], it was not possible for anyone to participate in London.

– And you? No, I could have gone as Former Member of the Parliament but since there was no Current Member of Parliament participate so I did not feel necessary to participate. I left Politics in 1989; it was a long time ago and Andorra has changed a lot in the politics.

– If someone interests to contact representatives of the Andorran Universal Peace Federation?

– At this address :