Albania: True Father’s 4th Seonghwa Anniversary Celebration

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By FFWPU Albania

Based on True Mother’s guidance to organize and celebrate in each nation True Father’s Seonghwa Anniversary, on September 3rd 2016, around 280 brothers and sisters, Ambassadors for Peace, VIPs including current and Former MPs, Government representatives and guests, gathered at the main hall of Tirana International Hotel to honour, remember and celebrate the life of our True Father, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon.

The whole program was a combination of personal testimonies & music performances, giving everybody present a small taste of how great, strong, and single-minded True Father was when facing death and being persecuted by the world, and on the other side how sensible he was & how he was moved to tears by the fall of a leaf tree.

After offering the bouquets of flowers, the opening remarks was given by Rev. Giuseppe Cali – the National Leader of Italy, who was in Albania to teach Original Divine Principle to young Albanians. Rev. Cali shared his personal experiences with True Father and how his life was changed since he was young by the teaching and life style of Father, which was a living principle life.

After a moving video about True Father’s life and achievements, Mr. Ali Lacej – the coordinator of Albanians’ Peace Council, testified about the greatness of True Father’s teaching and the spiritual revolution he brought to peoples’ minds and hearts. Also he mentioned how much True Parents did for Albania and Albanians.

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Two beautiful songs were performed by UPA students Mica & Riza and Albanian blessed families who wanted to offer their heart and gratitude to True Father. The performance concluded with an exciting rhythmic dance performed by 4 Japanese brothers who are part of Cheon Il Guk missionary program.

After the joyful performances, the program continued with 4 heartfelt moving testimonies given by one AfP Mrs. Kozeta Zavalani and 3 members, Daniela Pupa, Arnold Grami and Anila Prethi. You could feel the sincerity of their words coming from the heart. Naturally, most of the participants were in tears, recalling their own experiences with True Father and missing him dearly.

In that spirit, the famous Albanian singer Marisa Ikonomi, an AfP, sang “Let it Be”, followed by an famous Albanian song.

The program concluded with a moving poetry of the chairman of UPF Mr. Gaqo Apostoli entitled “Oh, how much I miss you Heavenly Parent” moved everybody. At the end we offered three cheers of loud Eok Manzeis!

It was a short program, just 100 minutes, but we felt in a different world, close to our True Father and True Mother. Many guests, who didn’t know much about True Parents, were very happy and ask to know more about True Parents. It was very clear to all of us that all what we should do is testify to True Parents & let people know they are here.