Albania: Special Grace and Inheriting Cheon Il Guk Holy Items



By FFWPU Albania, Manjola Vasmatics

The amazing grace given by True Parents showered our community on 11th of September 2016, when we held the ceremony to receive the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine and inheriting the 4 Holy Items.

Many summer activities could help us understand and prepare more to receive this special grace. The summer 15 days Divine rinciple workshop and 30 days Mobilization was a good preparation also, especially for young brothers and sisters. We organized one-day intensive studying of Cheon Song Gyeong workshop for blessed wives, one week OSDP workshop, 40-day dedication and 2 days WS at the conclusion of the 40 days dedication. Some members were offering extra conditions also, feeling extremely grateful about the special grace.

As a final preparation for the 2 days workshop, together with few core members, we gathered together and prayed so that this moment of receiving the holy wine could be a historic and special moment. Therefore, we wanted to prepare every detail about the workshop with such heart. Parts of the preparations were selecting videos of historic moments of True Parents that could fit to the lecture, during break time or before and after the WS started. Also we practiced the holy songs to really be able to create a good atmosphere.


Three lectures given by the True Parents’ Special Envoy Rev. Shin Gi Young and National Leader Rev. Gani Rroshi. In total, 86 brothers and sisters gathered together, from which received the Holy Wine and Holy Items 13 blessed couples, 27 second gen and 23 first generation single members.

At the end of the ceremony, the brother who had to offer three cheers of Eok-Manseis, had a strong spiritual experience. At that moment he felt like there was a war between God and Satan and was blocked for a moment, but finally he started to shout the cheers of Eok Manseis and felt that all the victory and foundation went on God’s side.

After this ceremony, many members started a second 40-day dedication to show the gratitude to True Parents for the possibility to receive this grace. Some shared that now they are trying to take care of everything not to entertain any negative thought, or not to listen songs which might not have good words. One member even shared that when such a thing happened started to listen to holy songs immediately, trying to be clean and far from bad influences.

We will continue holding the ceremony from time to time, trying also to reach out to many brothers and sisters who also left our movement.

Thank You Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the unconditional love and desire to restore us to pure true sons and daughters.