WFWP Speech at a Public Muslim Community Event: Muslims against Terrorism

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by WFWP Czech Republic, Marcela Rozehnalova,

Muslims joined a Christian mass in Prague’s Church of the most sacred heart of our Lord, on wednesday August 10, 2016, to condemn terrorism and to show to the world that, in spite of the recent attacks in Europe, the two religious groups stand together.

The event was very nice and meaningful. There was a sermon in Catholic church attended by Muslims as well. After there were public speeches in front of the church. There were 200-300 people there.

WFWP contact Katerina Prokesova, Czech Muslim, participated in Bridge of Peace between Muslim women and women of Judeo-Christian at European WFWP conference in Prague in November 2015. On January 30, 2016, she participated in GWPN conference “Women-Faith–Life“ and was appointed as an ambassador for peace. She is very open-minded towards Divine Principle and True Parents. In the beginning of August 2016, she has approached WFWP president Marcela Rozehnalova and asked her for the public speech at Muslim public gathering against ISIS terrorism. Even though the other day she has found out that there are already enough speakers she managed to push the WFWP speech to be given

There was also Muslim leader Vladimir Sanka talking. Later he said to WFWP president Marcela Rozehnalova that he has been in Israel when there was Jerusalem declaration and also in Korea – he was approached by UPF.

WFWP president Marcela Rozehnalova prepared her speech in deep prayers with the desire to pass on the message that God is the parent of humankind and proclaiming True Parents.

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The main points in the speech by WFWP president:

  • God is a Parent of humanity – Father and Mother – who is suffering when His beloved children are suffering and hurting each other, He cannot intervene in human responsibility since he has given free will to man – and true love must give a freedom
  • God didn´t create the religions but man and woman in His image who were supposed to mature and become true parents building good family, good society, good world – Heaven on earth
  • True Father as a peacemaker – quote his words about division made by Satan and God´s desire for one unified world he has spoken in UN 18th August 2000 while receiving Peace Award.
  • Father´s intention for the unity of world religions and experience from Jesus coronation in Jerusalem when peace gathering organised by UPF founded by Rev. Moon attended thousands of Jewish, Christians and Muslims and when Jewish representative offered the crown to Jesus with words “Jesus, welcome home“.
  • Jerusalem declaration signed by Jewish, Christian and Muslim representatives.
  • The root of the conflict between Islam and Judaism-Christianity going to the father of faith Abraham – story about Hagar and Ismael and Sarah and Isaac and that Islam came from Ismael and Judaism from Isaac.
  • Importance of time we live in as time of reconciliation and making unity and harmony
  • True Mother´s words : “History is calling us to reconciliation, … Todays’ problems can only be solved by the logic of love.”
  • Proclamation that WFWP will always work with all people of good will no matter what race, religion, culture or nationality to create ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD!

There were many reporters from media such as national TV channels. We hoped that they can broadcast the whole event and many people can receive the message about God and True Parents. Unfortunately, it was not the case. They only were interested in Muslims proclamation and those who were against Muslims disturbing the event.

The good aspect was that at least 200-300 people could hear the message. Also, Muslim community was happy that WFWP stood on their side, few came and expressed their thanks being interested in WFWP and working together.

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The chain was made by Muslims in front of church to protect Christian values.