USA : Ohio Can Do It!

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by FFWPU USA, Yusun Abrahams, Co-District 6 Pastor


Demian Dunkley, National Director of Evangelism, came to Columbus, Ohio on the weekend of July 30-31 for the sixth We Can Do It Workshop, a two-day program designed to help participants explore, understand and set real goals for Heavenly Tribal Messiahship. There were around 40 participants, mostly from Columbus, but there were also Unificationists from Chicago, Indianapolis, West Virginia and North Carolina.

The workshop started bright and early Saturday morning at 8:00 am at the UC Columbus church. Demian encouraged families to attend the workshop together, or as couples, to work together during the workshop. The first day consisted mostly of personal goal setting and reflecting on God’s and True Parents’ impact on our lives and in our lives of faith. We took time to share in small group settings around a table, and then later with the whole room.

In the afternoon, we worked on forming trinities and discussing how our tribes and clans can influence our communities directly. A poll was taken in the group to determine which areas in our local city need the most help, and the results were: family breakdown, lack of interfaith action, misunderstanding and misuse of sexuality. So these are the areas our Columbus community clans will focus on in our outreaching.

On Sunday, the workshop began with Sunday Service and the message was given by Demian. He shared about the importance of “Acting Together.” Demian commented that not only is it important to take action but we have to learn to act together and support one another. It’s also just as important to be passionate about what we are doing.

His sermon message tied into the afternoon session, where Demian encouraged us to expand our personal goals, passions and strengths articulated in our brainstorming sessions on Saturday and connect them to God’s vision. From that, we created our providential goals and shared them with our clans, which were formed Sunday afternoon by our pastor. Demian stressed the importance of being as clear as possible in creating our providential goal so that God can work with us to achieve it. The clans were created to help support each other and our trinities in working together to achieve our goals and substantially reach out to bless 430 couples in our community before 2020.

I personally was very grateful for the experience and the opportunity to attend. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend with my husband, because one of us had to watch the kids, but I was so happy I could take some time from my busy life to think about my own personal goals and how they can tie into the bigger picture. I rarely take time to just think about my goals, vision, and strengths these days. I am moved by Demian’s passion for our members and for the world, and hope that it can be contagious among those who attended.

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Josh Angelucci, Columbus: “From this workshop, I realized that I really am God’s Hope. Initially, when reflecting on times in my life and deeper experiences, I was depressed and felt hopeless, because I’ve realized I’ve made so many mistakes. How can I bring hope to God? But after hearing Demian explain that God views us as a parent views their child, I reflected on my own position as a parent. No matter how many mistakes my children make, at the end of the day, I am so proud of even their smallest accomplishment. And that is how God feels towards us. I can now substantially feel like we all actually do bring God hope.”

Marquis Van De Mark, Columbus: “Demian thoughtfully prepared his material from the workshop and made effort to help us find purpose and understand more clearly True Mother’s goal for Tribal Messiahship. He provided concrete material to build trinities here in Ohio.”

The Harfords, Indianapolis: “The workshop was challenging because it forced us to think and plan. But it gave a more organized and structured approach to building tribes. It got us thinking about who to bless in the future and put it in our hands…we don’t have to wait for direction from above. It also encouraged us to use our creativity and create good habits.”

Alan Becker, Columbus: “Even though I heard this program before, it was equally valuable this time. To be honest, I was on the fence about coming. I had no doubt it would be valuable, but since we were leaving Ohio the following day we were hesitant. But Josh Angelucci encouraged us to go and I’m very glad he did. I really hope that the “hearing a sermon at church on Sunday” model can transition into a model that allows every single person to share their victories, and learn from each other.”

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