Uganda: Character Education Initiative

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By CARP Uganda, Ivan Kyalo


On July 6, 2016 six students from Kampala University accompanied by the national carp chapter president started a Character Education initiative in one of the neighboring school, St. Pious senior Secondly School.

They felt that they must start spreading the truth to other people after graduating from the 7 day workshop. So from 10:00 a.m. up to 1:30 pm they engaged with St. Pious students in character education on Physical consequences of premature Sex, Drug Abuse and its consequences and the need for character education.

Olowo Augustine the speaker of Carp started with the first lecture that took one hour, then Sarah Aliebo a carp student gave the second lecture and Damulira Christopher the chapter secretary gave the last lecture.

The students were so much touched by the new information that they were hearing for the first time and they had many questions. And most these questions were based on their sexual life. These young people thought that having sex is a way of loving someone.

But according to what they were taught, they pledged to do their best and overcome the bad sexual morals they were engaged in and wait until marriage.

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The head master of the school thanked the Carp campus team for offering their time to educate their brothers and sisters in high school on the best way to live.

After the lectures, the carp president answered the questions of the young people.

Later Scolastica Awori the social advocate, introduced the carp president to the headmaster of the school who thanked very much the campus students carp team for their love for his school. And he informed scorastica awori to inform him whenever the carp students are free and arranges for them a program to talk to his students.

This was a very good experience for the carp students and sincerely they did very well on their first time of teaching. I feel that if we give the right information to students and help them to take ownership, then we will be able to transformed the whole world.

All in all it was victory; all these are the results of the 7 day workshop recently concluded.

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