Uganda: 7-Day Divine Principle Workshop for the Youth

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By CARP Uganda


Carp Uganda held a 7-day Divine Principle workshop with a theme “Rising Future Leaders who can transform the World” from July 25th-31st, 2016 at Kampala University Gaba campus, where by the university provided us with a conference Hall for lectures, plus 6 rooms, 2 for workshop staff and 4 for residential participants.

There was total co-operation from the university staff and the environment was good. The time of the workshop was a holiday for the university, and kitchen staff called to serve during this time helped our skeleton staff as well in all the chores.

The workshop was meant to mentor Kampala University Chapter Carp Leaders but later allowed other members to participate.

The objective was to train CARP leaders in Divine Principle (at least up to 7 day), Leadership in carp values, and Character education. From 50 people who registered, 25 students completed 7-day workshop and received certificates, while the rest who mainly attended in afternoons about 15 did not get.

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Our Divine Principle lectures covered up to the 2nd coming, while there were a lot of sharing time in carp values plus character education.

Students were deeply inspired and moved with some writing letters of appreciation, and many booking us for additional counselling for their personal life challenges, and how to correct wrong religious teachings.

In the course of the workshop two professors came in and encouraged students about the importance of moral values and interreligious approaches we were using for a better world. One professor was a Muslim a chancellor to some universities in Rwanda and a vice chancellor to Kampala University, the second was the Dept. Vice chancellor (a Christian) of Kampala University.

They concurred with the points of view we were giving including the issue of one man to one woman, intellectual development and spiritual message delivery with passage of time, Terrorism and misunderstanding scriptures, etc. The Dept. Vice chancellor attended a number of our presentations and supported our view and this boosted the attendants’ trust in the lectures.

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Finally, after some challenges we had during the workshop (with 15 students not been able to fully attend the whole 7 day workshop), on August 4th, we held graduation ceremony successfully for the participants. Vice president of Kampala university gave the opening remarks, which followed by congratulatory remarks by President of FFWPU Uganda, Rev. Gimeyi Moses. After that Mr. Mukasa Paul, the president of the university came in to encourage all the participants. Later the deputy vice chancellor of Kampala university gave the certificates to the successful participants of this workshop.

All the participants were very happy and few testified how this workshop impacted on their lives and they made a determination to transform the university community and outside it.

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