The Value of True Parents and the Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk


By Rev. Ahn

at the German Leaders Meeting in Camberg, June 26, 2016


True Mother talks a lot about appreciation these days. Sometimes, you only value something when it is lost. The wise man values people and things around him before losing it.

What is the most important thing? My life. If I wouldn’t exist everything else would not be. But then you have to ask yourself, where does my life come from? I exist because of my parents. So we need to appreciate our parents, even though they are fallen parents. Without parents there is no life. You need to value your parents and be grateful to them. Even if they persecuted you, they did so because they love you. When True Father started the hometown providence, he asked members to go to their hometown and to love their parents more then they love True Parents. It is important to love your parents and to be grateful to them.

And our second generation is yet in another position – their parents are the first people who knew True Parents and became children of True Parents. It is the first time in history! True Father once said that the Blessing brings you, in a way, into a higher position than Jesus. True Father wants us to really understand that we are very special people to God as the first blessed families. On this basis we can understand how valuable our life is – and we have to appreciate True Parents. This is the time of attendance in the Completed Testament Age, it is the time of attending True Parents. It is a most precious time because we can attend True Parents substantially. Filial piety is when you attend your parents while they are alive, not to serve them after they died. Many people come to realize the value of parents too late. Therefore, it is such a special time now.

And at this time we can see that True Parents offer us a special grace. Even if you are given the Holy Items, if you don’t understand your own value, you cannot understand the true value of the Holy Items. They bless us to become true children of True Parents and Heavenly Parents. And yes, these items are different from the old items. These are the items given to us after the victory of the 3rd TF’s seong-hwa ceremony, 4th anniversary of Foundation Day, and 56th anniversary of TP’s Holy Wedding.

The Holy Books are the internal symbols of Cheon Il Guk and the Holy Items are the external symbols of Cheon Il Guk. They are ultimately a symbol of Cheon il Guk . So when we die we go to our original homeland (Bon Hyang won) with our Holy Items.

If both of True Parents were in the Spiritual World – how would they be able to give us the Blessing directly? Wouldn’t it be suspicious if True Parents gave the Blessing indirectly from the Spiritual World? Therefore, we must be grateful to still have our True Mother on earth to bestow the Blessing in True Parents’ name.

True Parents are the ones that designed the blueprint of how to build Cheon Il Guk. If the author of a blueprint dies you can still manage to build the house, but it becomes much more difficult and you will be more likely to make mistakes. However, if the designer and a director at the same time is alive it all runs much better and faster. Even if later on in the process the author dies, the bigger the foundation he leaves the better. To build Cheon Il Guk without True Parents on earth is going to take a long time. That’s why True Mother wants to really establish a system.

One of the most important things is the construction materials when you have to build your house. If we build a building with fragile materials it can be destroyed – but if we use everlasting materials it will not be destroyed. So what is the strongest material to build a peaceful world?

True love is important. I believe the strongest “building material” is the heart of parents. The heart of parents is the common base of Cheon Il Guk. Witnessing the “Brexit” we see how fragile the EU is – why? It has no strong foundation.

A pure and true heart is the most important element of Cheon Il Guk. That’s why True Parents ask us to witness, so people understand our Heavenly Parents and True Parents. Without this the EU cannot last long once a hurricane comes and breaks it up. Of course, I didn’t hear True

Parents talk about the Brexit, but I remember True Father once said that the EU is the beginning of a worldwide unification process. The EU is a step towards the unification of the whole world – separately Asia, America and Africa also need to unite – and then they should all become one. So generally Father is for unity and not division.

Separation is sometimes needed, that is true when it comes to the point of separation from Satan. If the UK was clearly on an Abel side by supporting TP and the EU clearly on a Cain side, then a separation would be needed– but this is not the case. The decision was based on national egoism, so there is no base to support the Brexit from a DP perspective. Why do brothers and sisters not discuss this issue based on True Parents’ word?

We have to understand the providential perspective first rather than focusing on external things. True Father always talked about the story of Garden of Eden over and over and over again. That’s because the common base needs to be clear. And on that everything can be built. It is very important to understand the true meaning of the Holy Items.

Filial piety is to wake up in the morning and greet your parents. In the old days, for example, you would communicate before leaving the house that you were heading to the market or to a friend’s house etc. – a small report to your parents on what you will do over the day, so the parents don’t worry about you and know where to reach you if something happened. Nowadays, this is not too important to say. Instead you have to have a mobile phone with you with battery charged. External things change – but the internal stays the same. So on doing HDH you should great Heavenly Parents first and listen to their words.

It is so important to appreciate and support our True Parents and to build Cheon Il Guk together. If we truly appreciate them from the heart and do support TP’ to build CIG, we will not regret later. Please try to understand the value of this Blessing. And please help brothers and sisters to really understand this Blessing and the value of True Parents.