STF 2016 Graduation Ceremony

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By STF Europe, Deborah Cali

On August 7, 2016, We had the graduation for the STF 2016 in Gaflenz, Austria. The STF members had the opportunity to share their hearts with their testimonies, expressing their deep appreciation to the program and the experiences that it gave them.

Derwin Morrillo, Carmel Mould, Cristian Termine, Yoshimi Nomura gave very beautiful and inspiring messages of their achievements and personal experiences throughout the year.

Their messages have been ones of hope and sincere dedication that helped us all to reflect on the value of doing public mission and having direct personal experiences with God, as well as on the importance of building important, lasting relationships.

The ceremony ended with performance of two songs offered by the STF members.

We have to express our thanks to many of the important European leaders who came to attend the schedule and that shared their words of love and hope with us.

The ceremony has been a very deep and emotional one, and all the ones who attended could testify the strong spirit that was present in the hall.

As STF staff, we want to express our gratitude to all the people that have trusted and supported us on the way in many different ways.

We are now preparing for the next year, full of hope and joy.

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