Roots of Love : Children’s Workshop

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By Christian Haubold / Klemens Hoffman


“Roots of Love” was the motto for this year’s children’s workshop which took place in Neumühle, Bad Camberg from August 1-6, 2016. About 25 children ranging from nursery school age up to about 14 years old, participated in a varied holiday program.

Thanks to the dedication of many parents and, especially, young adults, there was a great deal for the children to discover and many friendships to make or renew. Some came with the whole family, including toddlers or babies.

The participants were divided into three groups according to age, and engaged in creative handicrafts, games and learning sessions, all centered on the workshop motto: ‘the roots of love’.

On two afternoons there were activity groups offering sport, music, recycling handicrafts (so-called ‘upcycling’: revaluation of recycling products), painting, etc. right up to baking pizzas and cakes in the stone oven.

A cinema evening, night-hiking, the camp fire (which had to be postponed for one day due to bad weather), and the mini challenge day with the topic ‘True Parents’ Life’ –these were further highlights. Especially enjoyable was the entertainment evening when, amongst other things, talented young actors entertained the audience with amusing sketches. What a great children’s workshop! Thanks go to all concerned. We are already looking forwards to next year!

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A Reflection by one of the Participants

Because of the small number of participants at the workshop, we were able to experience a very intimate atmosphere.

Again this time, we could integrate the nursery school age children better into the workshop, since the ‘True Parents’ Life’ mini-challenge day had stations that were suited to them. A highlight was the filming of a story from Father and Mother’s life, which the teams worked on themselves and then presented at the family evening.

And the morning sport sessions with the‘Papaya dance’ were a lot of fun for big and small. Despite grey clouds and heavy rain, Franz, Clemens, and Matthew assisted by many small helping hands, were able to coax the completely soaked stone oven to steam and then even to fully glow!

The staff (Harpies etc) had, along with the team leaders, their own program in the mornings while the participants had lessons. This included studying Divine Principle, loud singing of Holy Songs, and running for better weather…

Our reward was a beautiful rainbow and a few tentative rays of the sun, which turned the end of the workshop into a sky-blue summer’s day!

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