Romania: 15-Day Summer Workshop

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BY FFWPU Romania

We had a 15-day divine principle workshop from July 15 to July 30, 2016 in Moeciu Sus-Bran, Brasov, Romania. This two week was a time period full of passion to study Divine Principle. We operated the workshop with a by positive ownership, to have Q&A and discussion for a better understanding of the lectures.

The new style lectures were effectively guided the participants to be subject partner of Divine Principle studies.

Our workshop composed of 3 order growing period: The formation stage (first part of Divine Principle), the Growing stage (second part of Divine Principle and True Fathers` Life Course1-10), the completion stage (Life of Faith1-10, SES introduction). We also had a day of harmony and mountaineering between each stage for reflection and create deeper relationship.

Each day began with inspirational HoonDokHae (reading, discussion, sharing. There was an action task (Finding the practical way to apply Divine Principle to ones’ life) by team work. We also had give & take action after dinner for better understanding of Divine Principle. And finally each day ended with Shimjung Diary for daily reflection.

This year, many young people joined the workshops from all over the world. For first generations, it is joyful to see active second generations, and for second generations it is a surprise to see active first generations. They could work together in teams for a better understanding of the value of the life of faith and True Parents.

Our first generation could feel more the beauty, purity and simplicity of second generations in relationship to the Principle and Heavenly Parents, whereas the second generation could witness efforts, struggles, determination and commitment of first generations’ life of faith to follow Heavenly Parents & True Parents.

Having practiced fundraising and witnessing and living for the sake of others prior to the workshop was and essential step in relating to each other as brother and sisters under True Parents. They could connect more easily to each other’s Shimjung (Heart) and grasp a deeper meaning of the Principle. Thus, the atmosphere was very harmonious and united. It was amazing to see how people can bond together as a family even if they meet for the very first time, coming from different families! And for this we can only offer our gratitude and joy to True Parents for opening the way for us in which this can come true.

The success of the workshop was aided by the staff, blessed families, which have trained to organize and manage such workshops for several years in a row. Under the guidance and leadership of our National Leader, Jeong Bong Moon, they could really unite to support the participants. Mr, Jeong was the main lecturer and for workshop in a row he poured his energy and sweat to convey the Word with heart based on the Original Divine Principle lectures. After each lecture (around 40 minutes), participants were paired in two teams, and each of them had to take the role of lecturer in front of their partner in order to summarize the content (for ten minutes). This way proved to be really good and it has improved significantly the quality of the workshop. In the past, much of the message got lost as participants were fighting to stay focused, to stay awake, etc. But now, everything is more alive as they engage actively with the content, by listening shortly and preparing at the same time to explain it for others.

The lecture about True Father`s life course taught as great example to follow the way of restoration for all of us. The life of faith’s lecture focused on practicing of faith in our daily life.

Thank you Champumonim (True Parents) for all the love we’ve received during these 15 days! We love you!

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Cinay (20): From this workshop, I understood God more and found out what He wants from me. I discovered that He wants me to become His child, moving from position of servant to His child. I have to believe absolutely in Him and to fulfill the Three Great Blessing. I have to fulfill my 5 % responsibility and to offer joy to Him. I have to keep my purity for my future spouse. So I can give him all my heart and fulfill the second blessing.

Amira (19): During the workshop, I had a bit difficult time to understand the point of lectures. What is the Divine Principles? How to find the true me and so on? And the Divine Principle question was difficult for me. But through the Give & Take Action (in our sharing time), I got the chance to understand Divine Principles more in communications with others. I could manage to grasp the basics. I mean, I could establish my true value by becoming God`s child and through relationship with Him.

Madalin (34): Until now I lived my life centered on myself, being always frustrated and disappointed because of all the peoples around me, my friends, my family. Now I understood that I am responsible for my life. For my future. I understood that the family is very important and must be centered on God. I am determined to build this kind of family.

JooYeon (19): I had learned many things, I could know that more understanding of Divine Principle and practical way to apply it to my life. I did not listen to Divine Principle before and did not know the Unification church clearly, not knowing what kind of religious this is. Even I could not recognize my self-identity as third generation. The sin is not going to vanish and I could not break through without knowing. Therefore, from now on it is very important to live well centered on Divine Principle. Through this workshop, I could realize the reality of relationship with God and my self-identity. Even though it is still not clear but I found more confident to live well. I like Divine Principle. It is true value of life for me. I am so exciting.

Albano (20): This workshop has been like a resurrection for me. I knew that I have been for some years in unification movement but this workshop has been the best do far. I have understood God in a higher level. During this whole workshop. I have centered my thought or God. I lived to think only according to His Wil and principle. I thought that I had a dream but now I understand how meaningless my dream was. I discovered another dream, my life vision and I also have make an action plan to achieve it. Now I understand better my responsibility. I understand better my position as Cain to love my central figure and my positon as Abel toward other people. I will do my best effort to practice True Love in my life. To really see any person as God`s children, as my brother and sister, to live for sake of others and always put public goals. Have a public mind.

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YunHae (20): I had doubted a lot about God`s existence. My mom told me when I was a child, to pray and asked me to go to church. But I got stressed a lot. And little ny little began to hate to hear such word from her. But since I attended SES ELT program, I could feel God`s existence “God truly exists.” Through my experience in fundraising, Divine Principle Studies & HDH. I feel God is my parents. I could feel His Shimjung. I had learned about God`s Shimjung. God`s Heart is like my parents` heart. It is correct. Human beings had fallen. But He forgives and loves again… He gave the chance to restore everything again. God is great and I deeply respect Him. I couldn’t understand well the Divine Principle. So I felt I must study it well. Understanding Divine Principle was not easy. But I could realize more after Divine Principle studying (teaching the others). I am proud of myself to study Divine Principle until the end. Thank you.

Iasmin (21): What I understood the most from this workshop was the importance of God`s Heart. Especially Mr. Jeong`s Heart. I could relate somehow to the pain of loving as a leader and I am still asking myself why people choose this path, why True Father choose this Path. I understand God and His heart but still there is a long way for me to be one with God`s Shimjung. From this workshop, I gained a lot of determination and preparation for my lifestyle and habit at home which should be centered on God and His standard, one with God`s original purpose for human beings. I found out the importance of human portion of responsibility. but I need to develop my relationship more emotionally with God.

YooJin (20): My internal goal during 15-day workshop, was to study Divine Principle in order to feel God’s heart and find the way to apply Divine Principle to my life. How to understand Divine Principle more and how apply it to my life and finally make habit of a life centered on God. I could more understand Divine Principle. The value of object partner is so precious. To become such beautiful object partner is so important in our life. And Cain & Abel relationship as well. From now on I will offer Jeongsung (devotion) more in order to find motivation and planning action. I will keep on my determination to do this and always remember the value of Divine Principle.

Aran (19): In the Past I already participated in many Divine Principle workshops, but I couldn’t really understand the lectures in regards to feeling deeply God`s heart. But in this 15-day summer Divine Principle workshop, I could really find my own value and see how important is life. I think now that I am more mature and I could really understand Divine Principle. And I feel I am able to put in practice what I did learned here. I did not really know if I truly find my self-identity but I understood that we are God`s children so we have to live centered on God. I understood how important is my responsibility that I don`t have to wait until God, our Parents help us. I have to make choice in my life, and I have to make good choices, So I have to open my heart and mind deeply to be more faithful on all the things that I am doing, and then I think I will be able to make good and best choice in my life, I think this is the way how I really can find the key to resolve my problems. I am really grateful about the precious time I had with these amazing people.

Arin (18): I can’t understand truly about God yet but I can imagine how sorrowful His love to His children is. Maybe if I was in His position I could understand more. I am God`s child but because of fall, I lost Him. But because of Divine Principle, I can restore myself and find true self identity. What I truly understood is that I am a spiritual being to live with God who is a perfected being. I am not yet equal to God but It could be possible in the future. I truly know now what is my responsibility. I have now; the three great blessing (to inherit Gods Shimjung, to unite with my future spouse centered on God, and to be the true owner.) And I choose not to give up until I achieve these three blessings.

Gheroghe (21): First of all, I want to say in the beginning, I could not imagine that I will be so inspired and to feel so much my heart. I have many important realization, but most important is that my position was Cain, but I naturally submitted this WS. Because of the love and understanding God`s Heat and True Parents` heart through Mr Jeong. I understood also more about our value in life that is determined by how much you satisfy and offer joy to God who is our original, eternal subject partner. My determination now is to leave something behind with eternal value. So I want to live for the others, for the whole purpose, for my parents and to pass on the tradition of love through my blessed family. I truly can say and I am very grateful to say this. I could truly for God`s heart and feel Him as my parents, feel His love.

Leeran (25): There are many reason for me to came to Romania this time, but most important one is to know clearly the way of life and live well. First of all, I realized the God`s Shimjung. God is actually living together with us. And His sorrowful heart to restore fallen man. How much does he shed the tear for us? I could understand His situation a little bit. I also think how my life was in the past. I should start a new lifestyle centered on God. I had lived quite self-centered. I must pay indemnity for my self-centered thought and actions. The Divine Principle is deeply related with our daily life. I miss True Father who taught this amazing and profound truth.

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Gabiriela (22): My internal goal for this workshop was to grow my potential heart. I felt really blessed to stand in the position of team leaders and I am very grateful for my team. I learned important lessons from each member of my team. Through the Divine Principle lectures I could actually understand it better. I understood things better than last year because now I have more experience with people and I felt more connected to True Parents. I could understand how the Divine Principle is actually about the reality of our life and situations. In the Principle, we find the key to restore our self. I truly believe we can bring changes every where, because I could see the changes in myself. I am aware of my fallen nature and of bad habits. I believe that now I am in the right path and God certainly brought me here. Throughout this workshop, I felt God`s direct guidance. He answered many of my prayers and questions. God is amazing.

Ari (15): I came to this workshop to learn more about God. How can I get close to Him? But the most important reason why I participated at this workshop is to find quickly the purpose of life, a chance to have a reason to live centered on God. I have a clear life plan but it is quite self-centered. I came to mediate myself to have a dream for the whole life. The Divine Principle lecture was very good. I understood a lot from Divine Principle.

Soojung (22): I was determined to study Divine Principle very hard. The lecture was easy to understand and the chance to practice teaching after the main lecture was a very good way to understand more effectively and make us focus more. The action task was so excited one, which guided us to apply Divine Principle in our life.

David (20): This workshop had been very busy and valuable for me. I could understand more about God`s Heart and How much True Father has done in order to comfort His heart. I could understand that if my life is not centered on God, I will never be able to find true happiness or give value to my existence. So this is why our thought, word, action and habit need to be centered on God. I want to work more to be more mature and responsible individual life