Philippine: Stand by Purity

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By Sun Hwa International Academy, Ms. Penyh T. Carbonell and Mr. Rowel Piloton


Sun Hwa International Academy held its annual three-day seminar on Pure Love with the theme “Stand for Purity: SHIAN’s Pride and Dignity last July 13-15, 2016 at the Academy’s Multi-Purpose hall. The seminar had participated by 116 students/pupils from the high school, intermediate, and primary departments.

The seminar was basically focused on giving lecture about pure love in which the speakers emphasized the importance of purity guided by the Divine Principle. The Academy was very lucky to have astounding speakers who really inspire students to become worthwhile citizens of the society through glorifying God by keeping one’s purity. On the first day, the four speakers who gave outstanding lessons were Ms. Claire Osano, grade ten adviser and former Director of Students Affairs of IPLC, Mr. Jarwin M. Malle, High School department head and a FFWPU member, Ms, Anila Mucaj, special envoy from Universal Peace Academy-Korea, and Mr. Chang In Hyuk, FFWPU-Director of Youth and Student Department in Asia. The second day was given to intermediate pupils where Mr. Victor Rabano, Ms. Anila Mucaj, and Mrs. Mariflor Gavaran are the lecturers. The last day seminar was given to the primary pupils where Ms. Mary Cris Dionio was the speaker.

The seminar was a success that after the long yet fruitful day, students wrote their promises and commitments at the purity wall and eventually had their photo taken together with the seminar’s organizers and speakers.

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Stand for Purity: SHIAN’s Pride and Dignity

With the widespread and rampant immorality in the society today, youths are in danger and could possibly lose the most important gem of their lives, and that is purity. But how can they keep purity if the society is not putting much action to eliminate activities such as abortion, pre-marital sex, drugs and other crimes.

Obviously, the raise in number of teenage pregnancy is one of the main problems of the government. Unfortunately, the widespread campaigns on family planning, AIDS awareness, and sex education are not effective for they don’t know the root cause of the problem. Unknown to many, perhaps the best solution for the pervasive immorality is the proper education on how to keep purity.

Among all the schools in the country, Sun Hwa International Academy- Philippines is one of the schools who provide seminars on pure love and purity in accordance to the Divine Principle. The students are given annual seminar about purity and guidance to take the right path in life. Activity such this can give tremendous help to students specially those who grew up in a culture of false love and immorality.

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Basically, the Pure Love is given to educate the youths on how to control their emotions, to avoid false love and to keep their purity as the reservation for the right person in the right time. Fortunately, this year, the Academy had conducted the three days consecutive Pure Love seminar last July 13-15, 2016 at the Academy’s Multi-purpose hall, Foreign language room, and grade 2 room respectively. The main objective of the seminar was to enlighten the students about life and educate them the root cause of immorality and impurity of humanity.

In this way, they will be guided to take the right path and take the right decision as they grow older and become mature. The first day of the seminar was given to the high school students. Pure love is always associated with happiness and purity. As Ms. Osano, one of the speakers, discussed about “Finding True Happiness” she deliberately emphasized that “Happiness is an inside job”. Achieving happiness sometimes difficult for we cling on to the desires of the world. From the point of view of Ayaka Tokuno, grade 8 students and second generation blessed child, she said “now that we know the things that can make us happy, we should do things that can give us inner satisfaction. We should avoid stress, be true to our self, and always pray to God”.

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Furthermore, Anila Mucaj, another speaker purposely discussed the “Human Fall”, from this lectures guided by the Divine Principle. This can be synonymously related to the topic Purpose of Life delivered by Mr. Jarwin Malle, in which he elaborated the three great blessings in life.

In addition, Mr. Chang In Hyuk talked about the “Reason why we have to keep our Purity.” In today’s society, the idea of fashion and dressing is based basically on the desires of people, some believe that more skin reveals is beautiful. But, how can one possibly say that having this kind of mindset about dressing is acceptable to the youth, in fact it can be a deceiving way to attract opposite sex that can lead into admiration and soon lead to false love. From the viewpoint of Sang Hun Lee, grade eight students and a third generation blessed child, “the proper dress code, the good appearance, the righteous behaviors and attitudes should be in the mindset of the youth to become a filial piety”.

The second day of seminar, July 14, was filled with joy, excitement and eagerness, the intermediate group gathered in Foreign Language room to continue the battle against impurity. However, it is indeed a fact that seminars are usually boring on the part of the kids, but not this time, because the awesome speakers prepared activities and ice breakers which really fascinated the students to listen attentively.

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All students enjoyed in creating their own group name as well as their group yell which were done at the beginning of the program. Moreover, the Principle of Creation and Human Fall were eloquently discussed and delivered by one the zealous speakers, Mr. Victor Y. Rabaño. “Everything in this world has a purpose” Mr. Victor inspiringly exclaimed while integrating his talk with modern games. Furthermore, certain activities were promptly given to students in order to activate the mind of the pupils and apply what they have grasped.

The afternoon part was made blissful through an Ice Breaker and a lively discussion of Mrs. Mariflor L. Gavaran regarding Discovering Myself as God’s Child followed by the excellent presentation of Ms. Anila Mucaj about the Pure Love Lecture. The students were left by a question “Will you be my Child?” after they watched a video presentation of a Letter from God. Students’ answer and reflection were written and posted on the “Purity Wall”.

“It was a great and wonderful day, we all know that God is always with us and we should never let Satan win. God bless you all pupils and have a safe trip home.” –Mrs. Edna Butardo uttered gleefully.

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On the last day of seminar, the primary students were gathered in the grade 2 room to receive the lectures given by Ms. Mary Cris Dionio, the Academy’s secretary and a graduate of the recently Top-gun workshop held in Korea. Her topics were the same with the topics given to the high school and intermediate students, but Ms. Dionio discussed in a simplified way so that the pupils will easily understand them. There was a topic in which the speaker asked the pupil why Adam and Eve fell. Surprisingly, one of the pupils Sang Ho Lee, a third generation blessed child triumphantly answered that the reason why Adam and Eve fell was because of curiosity. Yes, as a matter of fact, most of the youth today have this curious mind that brings them into danger. The battle against immorality is not easy to achieve for we have to look on every factor in society that could possibly affect human purity. But, from the viewpoints of the students in the seminar we can possibly say that we still have hope and can win our battle against immorality.

With this lectures came from outstanding speakers, student’s thinking and mindset can be changed and can have the opportunity to direct their lives into perfection. They can absolutely open their mind into the reality of life and the root cause of many problems in the society.

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Moreover, we should generously put a lot of efforts in guiding the youth, and if possibly, educate more people about the Divine Principle.

For the sake of this generation and generations to come, youths of today should seize this great opportunity to build a culture of pure love and be an instrument to win the battle against immorality. It was indeed a great act of the Academy to have this seminar to flourish and spread the knowledge about pure love. Every Filipino should be part of the Pure Love seminar.