Peace Road 2016 in Norway

pr-nor-16 (1)

By UPF Norway, Steinar Murud


The PEACE ROAD project 2016 was organized (On July 23, 2016) on a short notice but gathered more participants than last year. As an alternative to academic or more theoretical events, the PEACE ROAD seems to inspire many new people in a different way. It is a new approach to peace.

This year’s topic was «One World, One Korea», with the specific goal to support the opening of a 5th UN Office in Korea. With such a goal we were happy to have three Koreans among the participants.

The PEACE ROAD-launch took place at our church center in Oslo, while the activity was a hike to the top of one of the highest mountains in South Norway, Gaustadtoppen (1883 meters).

In good weather the view is spectacular, with the possibility to see one sixth of Norway. The hikers drove by car from Oslo and gathered at the foot of the mountain for a common march to the top. Reaching the top took about two and a half hours.

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According to the weather forecast we expected bright sunshine. Therefore, we were surprised to see a grey sky and clouds. As we arrived on the top the fog became thicker and it even started to rain. However, as we stayed at the top, enjoying our lunch, the weather started to clear up. And bit by bit new parts of the horizon were revealed. That was spectacular and very rewarding, as if heaven were giving its blessing. We were all very inspired!

Our group of 26 participants was an interesting mix of young and old, from high school students to retired. 8 nationalities were represented from 4 continents. In itself the group was a micro-world where everyone managed to reach the top.

Let us hope that this year’s PEACE ROAD can serve as a condition for Korea and the World to “reach the top” and be unified!