Peace Road 2016 in Israel

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By UPF Israel

Peace road Israel 2016 was launched on the 1st of August. A sequence of eight events across the country connected the historical cities of Jerusalem and the Nazareth.

The Grand opening took place at the Israeli Knesset with words of encouragements given by the Deputy Speaker Hon. Hilik Bar followed by an interfaith gathering at the Knesset led by Hon. MK Esawy Frej.

During the following 8 days some 130 participants were walking, biking and even rowing in kayaks along the 200km symbolical road of peace.

The participants created a mosaic of Jews, Muslims, Druze and Christians; political leaders, scholars and religious leaders; senior citizens as well as young students, parents and children – All together in a joyful activity of promoting peace and harmony.

The peace roads events took place in the following vicinities: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Modi’in, Haifa, Natanya, Beit Jan and concluded with a grand finale in front of the church of annunciation in Nazareth.

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