Peace Road 2016 in France

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By Jean-Paul Chaudy

On July 17 at noon, the team of Ambassadors of Peace from Lyon and the participants in the Peace Road held in 2016 gave homage to the victims of the Nice-City massacre, three days earlier.

The key persons of the event were Dr. Pak and his wife arriving from Nice, and many interfaith association leaders including a citizen from Nice, Mark, very affected by what had happened at home.

Lyon hosted the Peace Road 2016 which led thousands of cyclists from Cape of Good Hope, across Africa, Europe and Asia, and from Cape Horn across the Latin American continent to Korea. The Peace Road aims to open channels between citizens of all nationalities, of all races, cultures and religions, and contribute to the realization of a fraternal world centered on God, the heavenly Parent.

In this turbulent period of history, it is important to show signs of peace. This event on the Footbridge of Peace in Lyon demonstrates the willingness of participants to support these peace efforts. The minute of silence was transformed into songs for peace.

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According to the declaration of three days of national mourning, many events were canceled, so much so that many people thought the Peace Road would be delayed, but eventually it was amended to include a tribute to victims.

The day before, the peace Road passed by Switzerland and, after 70 km by bike had ended in front of the UN.

A similar event will be held in August at the Footbridge of Peace in Seoul Footbridges for Peace flourished around the world, Lyon, Geneva, Seoul, to symbolize these bridges to be built between people who do not share the same language or the same skin color or the same faith traditions, or the same political systems, but are all brothers and sisters there by their differences.

An event organized in Lyon by Espace Culture & Paix, with the support of many associations including the Lyon team Peace Ambassadors.