Italy: Happiness and Unity by following our True Mother!

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By FFWPU Italy, Giuseppe and Elisabeth Cali


July 24th in Milano and July 31st in Rome we held two national ceremonies to receive the Cheon Il Guk new Holy Wine and the 4 Holy Items.

Around 250 members in Milano and 80 members in Rome, gathered coming from all Italian Unification communities. More ceremonies will be organizing, in the next few months, to include the full Italian membership.

The one day programs consisted in musical performances, personal testimonies, prayers, one main lecture on the Providential time and the meaning of the ceremony and the holy items, videos with True Parents and the ceremony itself.

These events were organized after having completed, on the national level, the 40 days devotion as indicated by International HQ, so that all participants were well prepared and aware of the importance and fortune connected to this special Grace.

At the beginning, when this direction came, not everybody could understand it well. We were all happy about the forgiveness for those who went astray or fell during the last three challenging years, but few really understood why we all should participate in it. That’s why we, as National leaders, indicated all members to conclude the 40 days devotion time, before attending the ceremony. During these 40 days we organized several 1 day WS to explain well the True Parents course, the meaning of Foundation Day and the position and responsibility of the central blessed families, as Tribal Messiahs. All this effort, turned out by being a deep experience of resurrection that culminated in the most wonderful ceremony we could imagine. So many wonderful testimonies were given spontaneously!

Our families, often burdened by so many troubles and worries, were shining, moved by the depth of the spiritual power mobilized from Heaven. A real strong sense of identity as one people, and a bright light of intense joy could overwhelm all brothers and sisters attending the ceremony. It was so absolutely liberating! With my wife, we felt so proud of all these families coming once again to demonstrate their sincere heart and faith and receiving new life from Heavenly Parent and True Parents!

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In Rome, especially wonderful and substantial was the participation of our youth, organizing a beautiful and inspiring choir, attending the preparation seminars, helping in the organization of the event, being at the core of all the efforts to make the events memorable. How proud we are of all of them!

After the ceremony all members couldn’t stop embracing each other, congratulate each other, taking pictures together to keep the memory of that moment of Cosmic Pentecost, we could experience together.

Once again, we want to thank True Parents from the bottom of our hearts for the Grace they wanted to bestow upon us and especially say to True Mother that we are one in heart with her and proud of all her efforts to liberate mankind and bring them back to the Original Place. We Italians strongly feel to promise her, once again, that we will support wholeheartedly all her directions and efforts, marching together with God and True Parents as one people, into the Cheon Il Guk.