Germany: Summer Festival

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By FFWPU Germany, Rosemarie Leja

On July 17th, the Gießen community (Family Federation and UPF) celebrated its annual summer festival with many guests and friends. The motto this year was ‘at home in Gießen’, and this topic was brought up right from the start, during the worship service and sermon.

A few thoughts emerged: to be at home means to experience love, security and peace. And we also need a spiritual home, where we can experience God as parents. And finally, it is also important to find and to be at home with oneself.

After the service, came the culinary aspect! There was a barbeque and an enticing buffet of tasty salads and other delicacies was spread out. But there was also plenty of time for sport and games.

Then came the entertainment program, in which our choir „Melody of Peace“ performed two new and very beautiful songs, and a young artist treated us to a taste of his mostly modern religious songs.

Then we were carried away by some lively Irish dances, performed by one of our young members. And now everyone has the chance to learn these dances! All those who wish to improve their level of fitness are cordially invited to participate on a Thursday evening. 🙂

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Next on the program was the so called World Café. First of all, three short presentations were given as input, with topics specially relating to the city of Gießen. The first was about integration, and what we concretely can do to encourage it; the second highlighted some political aspects; and the third dealt in more detail with the topic of education, with a special emphasis on ‘learning is fun.’

In smaller groups, each had the opportunity to express his opinion, and much discussion was stimulated.

Lively conversations continued well into the final coffee and cake break. All in all, this was a very successful event, in which both young and old again cooperated well.

Especially in these critical times, it is important that people can come together and experience being together in harmony. In this way, positive signals can be sent out to the world.

‘What do we need for a future that is livable and endearing ?’!