Germany: Health and Amazement

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Learn about the genius of the human body and its health and spiritual aspects. Knowledge about the meaning of life is good for the health of the individual and the society.

Munich, Germany, 16. July 2016


By Robert Bentele

The Universal Peace Federation is a peace federation! Why then the topic ‘Health and Amazement’. Some people may think, this is not a typical UPF theme. Absolutely not! Peace doesn’t start somewhere in the world on battled fields or in parliaments, but rather with each one of us – with Me first!

In order to have real peace between mind and body, we have to come to know well the two opponents, what they often are. Dr. Alfons Wellenhofer, a specialist in internal medicine with long-standing experience in hospitals, gave us a helping hand to better comprehend the human body and the functions of many of its organs. And as the title already promised we couldn’t stop being amazed.

With many clear pictures Dr. Wellenhofer explained different parts of the body and went into fascinating details, first about the brain, then the heart, the lungs, the immune system…

In between he shared of course repeatedly important advices how we can stay healthy or how to get healthy again without much medical expenditure. For instance, he guided us through a short meditation. We had to put our hand onto the heart, close our eyes and should consciously breath in and out thanking our heart for its tireless hard work.

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Or he reported an anecdote of the famous Munich comedian Karl Valentin. Once he was asked what his hobby would be. Thereupon he answered: Breathing. What you could take as a joke has actually a deep meaning. Through a deep and conscious breathing with the focus on breathing out can persistently reduce your blood pressure, as Dr. Wellenhofer says.

After a question and answer session we had an extensive break with cakes and drinks. That was followed by the second part of the seminar where the speaker also went into the mental and spiritual aspect of health and life. Beside the physical self there is also a spiritual self. Life doesn’t contain only the two realms in the mother’s womb and on earth, but also the eternal realm of life in the spirit world. Always being aware about that would also help us to lead our life consciously.

Again and again he drew our attention to the fact that behind this fascinating ‘mechanism’ of the human body must exist a tremendous intelligent design and not just coincidence or fluke. And even more, this designer is also a great scientist and a sophisticated constructor – you can’t do it better!

A seminar that brought us really to amazement!