European Members Visited Benin – Katharina Eder


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By Katharina Eder

In these week staying here we had the chance to meet many quite high position people. It seems to be quite easy to get a chance to meet them and they all welcomed us. For instance, we got to meet the major of this city Godomey and he invited us to celebrate independence day with him on the 1. August.

According to the responsible person of our meeting the major gave a permission to bless people in his city this time on paper. Before he refused to write it down as he has more wives.

On the 1st August we had the chance to meet some people and the mayor invited as private guests to his lunch. One of the people we met was the consultant of the mayor and he told us that even though we hadn’t really got involved with the other people, just sitting quietly on the side, we were friendly to everyone leaving a good impression on him. So maybe next time this builds a foundation for one of our members to visit him and invite him to the blessing conference and encourage him to bring other people.

People here are very open if we talk about our goal to educate people to have proper relationships in their families and come without any real concern.

Also the district chiefs were very pleased when we visited them and they said we can have the blessing conference at their places. One of them personally would invite 100 couples and the other 50 couples. Unfortunately they themselves are not able to receive the blessing as they have more than 1 wife. This blessing is about to take place on Saturday 6th August.

Also on Saturday we invited many students to take part in a conference organized by the CARP team. I expect many people to come although some of them didn’t really ask what it is about. Many got a short explanation and we are hoping they will be coming. It seems that the conferences which included an introduction to the DP and lunch together will cost quite a sum. I am not really sure how they manage to keep themselves above water but I believe they need a lot of financial help here. These conferences seem to take place every two weeks as well as the blessing conference that takes place every Saturday. Although this time will be the biggest number of couples they had so many people are needed to help out.

I believe for us its very interesting not only to see a total different country with different customs but to see how people get easily inspired to join the blessing and have a good foundation themselves concerning family values and their relationship with God. I am sure for many young Second Gen from Europe would have a really good experience if they came to help. As Kathy already said just the fact that there are people coming people from Europe to help out here inspires not only many members but also guests.


Note: They desperately need more volunteers to cope with the demand. If you are interested in the Benin project please contact Mieko Davies.