Denmark: 51st Holy Ground Anniversary and Summer Garden Party

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By FFWPU Denmark, Nobuhiro Igarashi


Since True Father established the Holy Ground on July 20th 1965 in Copenhagen, which is the peak of the summer season, we decided to commemorate it on July 24th by having outdoor Sunday service followed by picnic. The service was held in the King´s Garden, on “Mother´s Holy Ground”, which was consecrated by True Mother in 2006, because of uncertainty about correct location of True Father´s original Holy Ground. But that was finally discovered earlier this year to be located in the neighboring Botanical Garden. After service we then went there to commemorate the 51year anniversary and having picnic together for the first time ever.

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The Holy Ground is placed on a small grassy hill in Botanical Garden, surrounded by a pond and in a quite area with trees giving nice shadow and the perfect place for prayer, meditation, HDH reading and picnic. Definitely True Father chose the best place in all of Copenhagen for us to grow in our relationship with Heavenly Parent and True Parents and come together as a community.

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The following Sunday July 31st we used the good summer weather as an opportunity to invite friends and family to our annual Summer Garden Party at the FFWPU Headquarters. Guests who doesn´t know our faith deeply was also invited for the Sunday service, because the sermon was by video, with US pastor Kevin Thomson, giving a very light and humorous testimony about how he met and grew a lasting friendship with heavy weight boxer Muhammed Ali, who passed to spiritual world recently. After sermon we could enjoy lunch in Garden followed by musical entertainment both by members and guests, making us feel as “One family under God”.