International President at the Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly – Opening Ceremony

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Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly

Opening Address

Sun Jin Moon, International President of FFWPU

August 20, 2016 – Cheon Jeong Gung

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Respected leaders from around the world. Beloved brothers and sisters!

It is a tremendous honor to stand before you today as we launch this Assembly of Cheon Il Guk Leaders.

I would like to acknowledge my sincere appreciation to all the special emissaries, regional presidents, Cheon Il Guk special envoys, national leaders, executives of providential organizations, district leaders, and bloc leaders.


Gratitude and love for True Mother, Strategic Nations, and Front Lines

To begin, I would like to offer my deepest and most humble gratitude and love for True Mother who is a pillar of strength, courage, wisdom, and determination.

True Parents have overcome bitter challenges, opposition, and suffering to firmly establish the root and foundation for receiving and transferring Heavenly Parent’s blessing of love, life, and lineage to all of us and to all humanity.

Throughout the past four years, True Mother has carried the unimaginable burden and responsibility of God’s providence, with many new trials and tribulations to face and overcome.

And yet, with True Father at her side from spirit world, she has led our movement forward with wisdom and firm determination.

I know True Father is very proud of True Mother! Aren’t we also proud and eternally grateful to our True Mother for leading us to victory?! Yes!

Can we give our True Parents a big “Saranghamnida!” “Kamsahamnida!” AJU!

Also, I would like to give special recognition to those nations in the various regions who have made considerable progress and effort in achieving the goals of Vision 2020, especially, Nepal, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Taiwan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Kenya, Zambia, Solomon Islands, Israel, Albania, United Kingdom, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and last but not least, the three pivotal nations of Korea, Japan, and USA.

Whether through UPF, WFWP, CARP, tribal messiah outreach, Ambassadors for Peace, interreligious activities, home groups, media, community development, direct FFWPU missionary and witnessing effort, and most recently, developing a network of parliamentarians, I know that behind the scenes and on the front lines, all of you have invested all your greatest effort to bring a restored nation back to Heavenly Parent.

Thank you for making True Parents proud. Because of your unity, sincerity, perseverance, faith, profound love, and care for Heavenly Parent and True Parents, you have brought True Mother and our brothers and sisters around the world immeasurable encouragement, hope, and inspiration.

Finally, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all the brothers and sisters for your great investment and care in preparing for all the recent events centering on the 4th Anniversary of True Father’s Ascension.


Cheon Il Guk is God’s Kingdom

Given that True Mother’s clear emphasis and focus recently has been on national restoration, I would like to share with you some key elements of Cheon Il Guk, as taught by True Parents, from Cheon Seong Gyeong.

True Father gives us a very clear description of God’s Kingdom in the Cheon Seong Gyeong.

Let us take a moment to reflect on several related Hoon Dok Hae passages. Consider these words:

“God’s kingdom is the place where true freedom, faith, and ideals bear fruit; the place occupied by true families who have achieved true love, true life, and true lineage.” (315-218, 2000.02.02)

“God’s kingdom starts from a heavenly family. That family starts from one man and one woman who are aligned with God’s Will. In the end, they become the center of not only a family, but also a country, and the entire universe. Therefore, it isn’t the country that needs to be perfected first, nor is it the family. It is one man and one woman.” (115-039, 1981.10.28)

These are precious words from our True Parents, pointing the way to an ideal world of lasting true love and peace, the Kingdom of God, and the unified nation of peace: Cheon Il Guk. Not only national, but also “universal” restoration is possible if one man and one woman align with God. That is, since True Parents have liberated the world from the fall, now it is our responsibility, as their filial sons and daughters, to create God’s kingdom.

However, if we look at the world and even ourselves today, we can all admit that the individual, family, tribe, nation, and world are far from unified, as True Father points out in the following passage:

“All cultures have been developing in line with the flow of history. Today’s civilizations are making the world flourish. Nonetheless, when it comes to resolving mind-body problems, or problems of the heart, they are not helpful at all. Externally, human beings have created a complex environment and complex systems, but our hearts cannot connect with them. We are in a state where we cannot harmonize with them. Although it should, the standard of the world in which we live does not fill us with delight and make us shout with joy together with heaven and earth. Today’s era is flowing in a direction completely different from that toward which our minds are heading and for which our hearts are longing. Human beings are seeking the heart that can guide their minds and their external lifestyle. We need to set a standard of heart in our lives to which we can adjust our body and our relationships. Otherwise we will never be free from this struggle, no matter what era we live in. The world that God seeks is not the culture or the civilization of today’s world. God has always desired a world governed by a civilization that upholds a true standard of mind and heart. This is the world that we, as future ancestors, want to leave to our descendants.” (019-230, 1968.01.15)

As True Father indicates our current world is in turmoil from the disconnection of our hearts and minds, our disconnection from God.


Components of Cheon Il Guk: Unity & True Love

We have so many profound and inspiring words of guidance about Cheon Il Guk from True Parents.

In the following passage, we have a clear understanding of the components of Cheon Il Guk, unity and true love:

“Cheon II Guk is the nation where two people become one. For two people to become one, they must become one up and down, left and right, and front and back. Following this, Cain and Abel must become one, and the fallen world must become one with the world of goodness. Then the kingdoms of heaven on earth and in heaven must become one, and God and True Parents, who were separate, must become one. Everyone has to fulfill his or her responsibility to open the gate to the kingdom of heaven. Then the basic structure for Cheon Il Guk will start taking shape. When this happens, Satan’s world will naturally retreat.” (400-265, 2003.01.03)


The World Needs True Parents Now More Than Ever

True Parents have opened the gates to Cheon Il Guk and, at the same time, the world has made significant advances in science, technology, the spread of democratic systems, and economic development.

However, we also recognize that our world is at a tipping point. It could tip either way, toward peace and toward Cheon Il Guk, or toward more division and conflict, repeating the tragedies of the past that have characterized history for millennia.

For this reason, we need to act urgently to help this world avoid further division and misfortune related to family breakdown, climate change, racism, rising extremist movements, nationalism, militant expansionism, and demographic challenges such as the aging populations in many developed countries.

All of these emerging problems contradict and oppose the very definition of Cheon Il Guk which is two becoming one; a world of unity and peace centered on true love.

With the meteoric rise of social media and instant news distribution, many of the world’s problems that were unnoticed in the past have become instant headline news.

As such, people are continually bombarded with news about the ever-increasing problems that are coming to the surface. No one can deny that the earth, all creation, and humankind are suffering.

Furthermore, there is a moral vacuum in terms of how the world will tackle these new challenges especially with the decline of religious values in many developed nations. Our world needs not only economic or political leadership, but even more importantly moral, spiritual and, as True Father said, “heartistic” leadership.

There is still much tension in our world, between ethnic groups, races, religions, and nationalities.

In the United States racial tensions have erupted, and gun violence is sadly and tragically becoming a daily news topic.

There are increased and heightened fears of immigrants which has led to the rise of a number of nationalist movements throughout the world.

There are interreligious violence and terrorism in the Middle East and even in the heart of Europe, with recent incidents in France, Belgium, Germany, England, and other nations.

In Asia, the tension between North and South Korea has been steadily escalating, as well as regional tensions in the Asia Pacific, and military expansion in the South China Sea. Recently there were bombings in Thailand.

The world and civilization as God originally intended is swaying in the opposite direction away from the unified ideal world.

True Parents have experienced many tragedies.

They know that human beings, without true hearts and minds, not connected to God, are capable of doing evil things to one another.

True Parents have done everything in their power to prevent further division and conflict in the world and they have been working every moment of their lives with unconditional true love to restore the world back to Heavenly Parent.

Please consider these words from True Father:

“Today’s world may appear to be a place to which God would come, but it is not the world of the heart. It is an environment where people attend to external matters, but not one in which they connect with one another through heart. When God comes down, He will do so through the heart. If a people were capable of governing all of humanity and representing the world, it would be a people with a tradition based on God’s heart. Further, it is not the human mind and heart that will create a culture that can govern the world; only Gods heart can do so. This is the final issue to be resolved. You need to understand that you cannot lay down your burden and settle down until you realize a world where everyone connects through heart. Our ultimate objective is to achieve the world of heart.” (011-093, 1961.02.12)

Each individual needs to connect their heart and mind to God’s wavelength. Only then can we settle Cheon Il Guk.


Guidance from True Mother in the Era of Cheon Il Guk

We are so blessed to have our True Mother leading us forward.

She is helping us understand the true vision of Cheon Il Guk.

Let us take a few moments to reflect on True Mother’s words related to how we can move forward in order to tangibly expand the foundation of Cheon Il Guk.

True Mother states:

“First, we must absolutely value the tradition True Parents established as much as we value our own life, and pass it down to our descendants, the future generations. True Parents established the tradition of love and heart, the tradition of the Word and the rules and regulations, and the tradition of the culture of heart.” (2012.09.17, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

“Second, we need to complete the ideal of the blessed family, with which Heaven has blessed us. The family is the cradle of true love, true life and true lineage, and the base upon which God’s purpose of creation is realized.” (2012.09.17, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

“Third, you have all received the blessing of being tribal messiahs, which is your mission and responsibility until the time we complete Cheon Il Guk on earth. Tribal messiahship is the greatest of all blessings given by True Parents.” (2012.09.17, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

“Fourth, we will create a community based on the culture of heart, in harmony and unity, with True Parents and true families. Each of you, without exception, found the path of God’s Will because Heaven chose you. It was based on the merits of your ancestors and because of the character you personally acquired. In order to follow True Parents and enter this realm of victory that we have now, you have faced immeasurable persecution. That makes us all a part of a single family, a community of heart centered on one Parent. Division and conflict continue to afflict the world, but the Unification family can become brothers and sisters who can easily transcend race, nation and any barrier. If you can display an exemplary life of giving and living for the sake of others, this dream will surely come true. Especially in this time of great transition in the providence, I ask that you unite with True Parents in your heart.” (2012.09.17, Cheongshim Peace World Center)

Thank you True Mother, for your precious wisdom and guidance!

For decades, True Parents have expended every ounce of energy to share their vision and formula for peace.

Today, more than ever, we need to spread their message of true love, true life, true lineage, true peace, and unity to a world being again shrouded in darkness.

True Parents have pioneered and made a miraculous reality of inter-racial and international peace even among enemy nations through the international cross-cultural Blessings.

During those racially and nationally tense historical moments, True Parents knew that only when we can unconditionally love our enemies, can a peaceful world begin to emerge.

They even risked their lives to unite and embrace leaders of enemy nations in order to bring peace and healing to this world.

This is the level of courage and heart that I hope all of you, as leaders, can inherit from our True Parents.

They brought Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus together to dialogue and move toward mutual respect, understanding, cooperation, and peace.

They brought together educators and scholars from all fields of study to come together with a unified vision of peace.

There was no sector of industry that True Parents did not invest in to further promote this peace and make it a reality.

There is no doubt that True Parents’ vision is absolutely, desperately, and urgently needed, now more than ever.


True Parents have become absolutely one and, from there, we as their filial children must carry out our responsibilities by embracing all the children of Heavenly Parent throughout the world, guided by True Parents’ teachings. In this way we can fulfill Vision 2020.

Day by day, step-by-step, this vision is becoming a living reality with True Mother’s leadership here on earth and True Father in heaven.

I thank all those Brothers and sisters who are realizing this dream.

You are Heavenly Parent’s and True Parents’ filial children! Kamsahamnida and salanghamnida.

By understanding True Parents’ teachings and applying them to national restoration, we can be victorious.

The key to our success will be the fulfillment of our 5% portion of responsibility, in absolute unity with True Parents and with one another, centered on true love and a true heart.

In this way, we can “open the gate to the kingdom of heaven and offer joy to our Heavenly Parent.”


Immeasurable Blessing to be with True Parents at this Time in History

Knowing the arduous and perilous path that True Parents have journeyed in order to open the gates to Cheon Il Guk, we can understand that we have been immeasurably blessed to be with True Parents at this time in history.

Future generations will look back at this time with a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation for True Parents, who have brought true love, true life, and true lineage to this world, making it possible for the sovereignty of God’s unconditional true love to manifest itself on the earth and in the spiritual world.

As leaders of Cheon Il Guk attending True Parents at this historical time, how will future generations think about all of us?

Having lived in the same era as True Parents, we have a unique responsibility.

Therefore, how we live our lives each and every day is very important.

By living each day purposefully, centered on True Parents and true love, we can live a life of which our descendants and future generations will be proud.

With this in mind, we need to deeply reflect on the type of leadership and the leadership practices we should cultivate and apply in order to make a lasting, positive and sustainable impact, not only for the present, but also for the future advancement of Cheon Il Guk.

As leaders it is extremely important that you check your hearts and selves regularly, both internally and externally. I hope everyone here still is bouncing? As True Mother teaches us, health is wealth.

It is very important to be physically strong and sound. At the same time, please also take care of your spiritual body that needs to practice giving and receiving true love.

As you all are exemplary leaders, you know the core principle of leadership that True Parents always emphasize, living for the sake of others, the essence of which is true love.

True heartistic Leadership is the ultimate form of service to others. Therefore, our internal capacities must be greater, cultivated and nurtured through HDH, the Word, meditation, prayer, mindfulness, and good loving action. As True Father said in the HDH, the individual must come to embody God’s heart; one man and woman can bring national and universal restoration.

In addition, our service to others should be based not only on good intentions, but good outcomes.

Therefore, our external or substantive capacities as a leader are very important, and should be continually cultivated and developed. There must be a harmony of internal and external capacities.

To be spiritually and physically fit we need daily practice; only practice can bring mastery or perfection.

Can I get show of hands from those of you who have achieved individual mind and body perfection and embody God’s heart completely?

It is not an easy task for anyone, right?

And yes, it is not beyond our reach.

Before I conclude, I would like us to take a moment as a one united family to practice a loving meditation that opens the heart to practice True Love for all living beings and creation. Can we do that together?

You will have three days of lectures and Power Point presentations and you will hear of all the strategies and goals you need to strive for. Therefore, to strengthen your mind and heart to meet these challenges, we are going to fill you with peaceful, gentle kindness, True Love, and God’s divine unconditional love and light energy. I call this the Crown of Glory meditation. AJU!

Find a comfortable seat. Let your sit bones deeply take root into your seat. From the base of your spine feel a lengthening of the spine up towards the crown of your head. Gently close your eyes, and feel a glorious golden ray of divine light shine and illuminate your crown.

From the center of this illuminated crown feel the light lift you up higher, lengthening your spine. You are Heavenly Parent’s divine true child. Feel this loving warm light raise you up and lift you away from any tension or anything that weighs you down. Notice the body let go and release itself from things that pull it down.

Relax your shoulders away from your ears; lengthen the neck, relax the jaw; let go of tension. Feel your head become weightless and balanced at the top of the neck. From your grounded seat, feel yourself grow beautifully tall, up toward this light at the crown. Stay here for a moment to bask in this divine energy.

In this tall balanced, seated position, take a moment to notice your breath. At its natural pace, is it short, long, choppy, even fast paced, labored, light or deep? Whatever it is, just take this moment to notice your breath.

Your breath is the mirror of the mind. When we are nervous or angry, it shortens and tightens. When we are calm and relaxed, it lengthens and deepens. When we feel hatred, our breath shortens, our life force shortens. When we love, our breath extends and our life force extends.

Breathing in, inhale life, oxygen, peace, and love. Exhale and let go of all that no longer serves your life. Inhale, welcome life, the divine gift of air and let it fuel a greater flame in your divine light. Exhale, letting go and giving gratitude for all the life force that has been given.

Let your breath bring in abundant blessings and gifts of life from the universe, and exhale gratitude. In the simple act of taking notice of your breathing, you can feel eternally loved and nourished.

Breathing is give and take action with the divine. Notice how every moment God is serving you, filling your lungs, giving you blessings and this precious life; in return we offer gratitude and love.

Breathing at your natural pace think of a loved one. Imagine this loved one, being or thing. Visualize it. How does this being make you feel. What are the things it does that bring you joy. Replay those joyful loving moments in your mind.

Take the time to notice how they make you feel in your heart. Hold that image and feeling; let it deeply nourish your heart. Feel that loving energy fill your being. Feel your heart open and bask in this love.

As you share love, feel it grow and multiply even greater love and joy. Feel that deep heartistic connection, that loving union, that complete freedom, happiness, and harmony in the embrace of loved ones.

Feel the complete give and take of boundless love, forever filling you with abundant joy. Stay here for a moment and let this loving vision deeply take root in your heart and mind. Feel the completeness and total oneness, harmony and joy of this union. This is Cheon Il Guk. When we are one.

Now think of someone or something that is neutral to you. It might be the mailman, or a person serving you coffee; just anyone in your daily life who you may pass by casually and have no deep connection with.

Focus on that neutral person and imagine that same loving feeling for this person as you would have for your loved one. Visualize sending or treating this neutral person with the same openness and loving joy that you share with your loved one.

Imagine smiling, saying kind words, offering a helping hand, a handshake or a big hug. Notice the change in that neutral person as you love them. Visualize their response, as they respond in kind, smiling back, saying thank you or some kind words, connecting on a higher level of love and hugging you back.

Take the time to notice how this divine love in you can elevate any relationship. Notice a confidence and a joyful return that comes with opening your heart and loving all your neighbors.

Your love has the power to change the world. You are no longer separate from others. By choosing to love, you bring all beings together in God’s divine love. You are Cheon Il Guk. We are all one.

Now imagine someone or something you don’t like, that may have caused you pain, suffering, heartache, loss, fear, anger, hate, or who you do not respect. If you have no one or nothing that comes to mind, we all know the archangel. So try to visualize your archangel whoever or whatever it is.

You may notice around this difficult being, your heart feels like it’s shrinking away or clenching into a fist. You may notice your breath shorten or tighten or that you labor to breathe. Remember your breath is the mirror of the mind.

So, I want you now to imagine this enemy as a loved one. Do not let someone’s darkness extinguish or diminish the light of God’s love in you. Use the power of the divine breath of life in you. You choose to breath in deeply and allow life and love to flourish, and let go of all fears and things that no longer serve you.

Allow your mind to focus on those feelings for your loved one. Feel the deep love, openness, eternal divine light and goodness, flow from your heart to this enemy. Notice how the image of this enemy changes, as you share deep compassion, care, kindness, higher consciousness and divine love.

Visualize the shift in your heart as it opens and loves your enemy as your loved one. Notice how this difficult person you hug, hugs you back. Feel your heart open freely in this embrace. Feel the healing and forgiveness, replace all loss and darkness. And see a golden light of love in the center of both of your hearts grow and warm each other in this embrace.

Notice the difference one heart, your heart can make when it chooses love over hate. Notice your breath and your being glow even brighter and deeper as you invite God’s light and love completely into your heart and you share it with the world. You are Cheon Il Guk. We are all one.

Take a moment to feel this loving victory. Feel the divine light energy that is in your heart carry and give life to each living being and the whole of creation. When we all live as one united family under God, there can be no darkness.

Notice the ray of light at the crown of your head illuminate brighter and flow all over your being in a blanket of love, joy, fulfillment and everlasting peace. You are the Crown of Glory. What you focus on becomes your reality. Cheon Il Guk is alive in you. You are victorious! We are all one. AJU.

Gently opening your eyes, feel God’s love and True Parents’ love fill your heart with unconditional love and infinite peace. Turn to your neighbor and share a glorious hug with each other and offer a deep Kamsahamnida. Salanghamnida. Namaste.


Conclusion: Practice True Love

How do you feel? Loved, powerful, energized, and victorious! Yes! You should!

Thank you all for your lifetime of love, care, dedication, and sincere effort for Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

May Heavenly Parent and True Parents bless all your precious families forever!

May your time here for this Cheon Il Guk leaders meeting be productive, inspiring and empowering, so that you return to your mission countries revitalized and energized. Remember you are Cheon Il Guk and we are all one! Aju.

Can we as one family under God and True Parents victoriously all give 3 cheers of sungli! 3x Thank you very much…Namaste.