Celebration of African Woman Day

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by WFWP Sao Tome and Principe, Yvette Mvuyu

The date of July 31 celebrated by African woman was chosen in 1962 when ladies coming from many African countries came to gather at Dare-es Salaam in Kenya. The purpose was:

  • Change of Africa continent
  • To defend the Rights of Man as a human being
  • To liberate totally the Continent of Africa

The date is been celebrated every year by different NGO and Associations such as Women Federation for World Peace, Sao Tome and Principe branch on last July 31, 2016.

It was an excited moment where many ladies about 60 attended in that day at the WFWP Headquarters. Among of them, the former Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Representative of the Ministry of Health, Teachers, Estate workers, businesswomen and farmers.

After the M.C welcomed and announced the program, one Christian lady opened the event with a prayer. Mrs Augustine OLAOMI TATY gave her address on behalf of the Chairwoman who was unable to do because of her physical unconditional.

Mrs ALAOMI Taty explained the purpose of the Founder, Mrs Hak jan Han MOON to create the WFWP. It was not to against the man or fight with him but to work together and exchanges with the same objective for development.

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The wife should know the profession of her husband. It helps the spouse to know how she can support her husband in the challenges times. True Mother is a big example she said. She supported her husband, Rev Sun Myung MOON until he died.

Mrs Olaomi Taty talked about many kinds of abuses African women are suffering up to today: excision that modifies genital organs, low education of woman, many women are taking care of their children after the abandon of the husband, there is more analphabet women than men, spoliation of widow women by the spouse’s family, etc… Some ladies cried with tears when the Speaker gave some experiences on woman abuse.

Beside of above spoken, many countries in Africa are promoting some distinguished women at the decision responsibility like Mayor, Governor, Primer Ministry, President of Parliament and President of the Republic. For example in Sao Tome and Principe Republic, ladies already occupied such positions. Only, it is remaining the position of President of the Republic like in Liberia with Mrs Hellen Johnson and Malawi, Mrs Joyce Banda.

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Mrs Olaomi Taty said to all the participants to avoid the complex of inferiority before the man because we are all equal according to Universal principle. Thus, let’s stop to be behind the man but besides him, she said.

The majority of the cause of conflicts of war in the world is the man. It’s the woman and children who suffer a lot during and after the war. Only the woman can bring peace because she is a peacemaker from the family, the source of the bad behavior of a human being up to the world with humankind.

Mrs Alaomi Taty ended to exhort all the participants to ring the sound of peace everywhere is burning of conflicts in Africa, our Continent.

Short after, one lady among of participants, Mrs Madelen of “Good God Church” shared strongly more experiences of women abuses in our society.

Members and guests brought different African meals they could eat together with excitement and a good atmosphere. Some guests asked to become members of WFWP. Soonest the WFWP staff is expecting to organize a little workshop of Introduction of WFWP activities for new members.

The last moment was for songs and dances to express their joy for the event.


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