Australia: Holy Wine and the Four Great Holy Items Ceremony

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By FFWPU Australia, Soon Teck Lim

After completing together a 40-day Jeongseong condition to prepare our hearts, FFWPU members in Sydney gathered at the Oceania Peace Embassy on Sunday 24th July to receive the Holy Wine and the Holy Items. There was an atmosphere of reverence and sincere gratitude for Heavenly Parent and True Parents who have sacrificed so much and continued to love us unconditionally even though we fall short of the standard Heaven requires of us. A Holy Spirit atmosphere filled the room.

The emcee was the Oceania Regional Director of BFD, Jynene Helland. After singing the Choen Il Guk National Anthem and reciting the Family Pledge, the invocation was given by the National Leader, Rev Soon Teck Lim.

This was followed by a brief presentation on the significance of the Holy Wine and the Holy Items by Jynene Helland and then Oceania Continental Leader, Rev Jong Deug Yoo. Jynene spoke about True Mother’s heart to forgive us, and Mother’s desire for us to make a new start in our lives. Rev Yoo, spoke about True Mother’s serious commitment to Vision 2020 and establishing a Cheon Il Guk nation and fulfilling Heavenly Parent’s hopes and dreams.

Then members participated in the Holy Wine Ceremony and received the Holy Items. The video of True Mother’s prayer, bestowing the Holy Items was shown and the ceremony concluded with a congratulatory song, ‘You Raise me Up’ and ‘Longing for Mt. Kumgam’ by Mrs Richardson and three cheers of eog mansei.

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