USA: Cheon Il Guk IW Opens Community Discussions



Director of Kodan and Cheon Il Guk IW to America, Rev. Hiroshi Inose and his wife, Hatsue Inose, visited the Minneapolis Family Church in Minnesota over the weekend of June 24-26, 2016 to share guidance and encouragement with the community as well as to foster a deeper connection with True Parents through discussions and presentations.

On Friday evening, they visited the church center and shared dinner with district pastor, Hyungtae Ha, local pastor Mrs. Denise Vang, and local Kodan leader Aiko Stearns. Together they discussed community concerns and upcoming events.

“It is not easy to open up our heart and discuss the sensitive topics,” said Aiko Stearns. “I’m grateful for the Inoses for visiting us and encouraging our community.”

On Saturday, Rev. and Mrs. Inose held a morning session with 11 Japanese community members. They talked for over two hours, sharing about their lives and discussing their concerns. Rev. Inose also expressed the value of forming trinities in their community—groups of three individuals or families who can strengthen each other in their spiritual lives.

In the afternoon, another session was held with the larger community, attended by 32 people including second generation Unificationists. In this seminar-style meeting, Rev. Inose gave a presentation about Tribal Messiahship, guided by True Father’s words.

“We could understand more clearly about our position and responsibility as Blessed families, and also our mission to each bring 430 couples to the Marriage Blessing Ceremony,” shared Aiko Stearns.

Afterward, Mrs. Inose gave a personal testimony about prayer. She said that it was not easy for her to make the switch to calling God ‘Heavenly Parent,’ but when she practiced this she felt she started to understand our Heavenly Parent’s heart more deeply. “Heavenly Parent has been waiting to hear that name for a long time,” she said tearfully.

Rev. Inose closed the session with another presentation about the trinity system and its usefulness in outreach. He also talked about True Mother’s heart over the last three years since True Father’s ascension to the spirit world. Before everyone parted ways, Rev. Inose opened the floor to a question and answer session.

“It was very condensed seminar,” said a participant, “but I am so grateful that I could understand who I am and what I have to do from now on.”