USA: ACLC Clergy Study Divine Principle and Holy Scriptures



Around the nation, ACLC clergy regularly and diligently study True Parents’ words together in their local communities. In Chicago, a group of clergy meet every Tuesday, led by Rev. Dr. Willie Weston, Founder and Pastor of Hope Evangelistic Ministries International, who explains the Bible using the Divine Principle as a reference. Minister Ken Murray of Chicago also adds important points of the Divine Principle to the discussion. Participants look forward to the weekly study, and have grown to a group of over 12 people.

In Los Angeles, over 30 members of the Sadoc Christian Peace Family Church, pastored by Elder Walter Millsap, meet every Wednesday evening for a Divine Principle study led by Rev. Mark Tengan. A smaller group of pastors in the area, including Elder Millsap, Bishop J.L. Brigg, and Dr. Nicholas Benson, meet every Wednesday morning as well at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) restaurant, where they study the Cham Bumo Gyeong over breakfast.

In Indianapolis, Divine Principle study takes place every Saturday at the Christ Church Holiness with Bishop Yvonne Carter. The study group is led by Dr. David Carlson, who teaches using Divine Principle instructional booklets. Recently, Bishop Jesse Edwards and Rev. Tanya Edwards visited the group and taught the meaning of the Change of Blood Lineage. Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., also visited Indianapolis to teach about the Only Begotten Daughter of God, and instruct pastors on the six steps of the Marriage Blessing Ceremony.

In Louisville, Kentucky, students of the Divine Principle also meet every Saturday, at the New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church pastored by Rev. James Elliott. Divine Principle study is led by Rev. Michael Dickerson and Minister David Powell, who use a PowerPoint presentation with diagrams to guide along the reading of the Divine Principle book. They also use the Bible to support Divine Principle concepts.


Clergy Detroit, Michigan received Marriage Blessing training, and eight pastors attended a local Marriage Blessing Ceremony on Foundation Day 2016. Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr., also visited Detroit to teach about the Only Begotten Daughter of God.

At the Unity Baptist Church in Las Vegas, Rev. Raymond Giddens held a Marriage Blessing Ceremony on November 29, 2015. He invited Archbishop Stallings to be the emcee, and Blessed 50 couples. In May and June of this year, Rev. Giddens guided his congregation in Divine Principle study. He invited Rev. Dan Stein to teach Divine Principle to the women and First Ladies of his and nearby churches. The First Lady of one megachurch asked, “Now that we know the problem, what can we do?” Rev. Giddens answered, “All the couples in your church need to become Central Blessed Couples.”

In New York, at a monthly pastors’ forum, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Co-Chairman of ACLC, explained the principles of give and take. An interactive study of the Divine Principle takes place each month, as pastors discuss the mission of the Messiah and study True Parents’ course by reading the Cham Bumo Gyeong.

“True Parents richly blessed our nation, making America the root of True Parents’ vision,” shared Tom Cutts, National Executive Director of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC). “ACLC will work with True Parents to Bless the world’s 7.4 billion people.”