The Nepal Family Party 2nd General Convention

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By Dr. Robert Kittel


We realized once again how incredible the foundation of our True Parents is. The 2nd General Convention for the Nepal Family Party (NFP) was amazingly successful, even beyond our expectations. But it was absolutely not our victory or our effort alone that brought this wonderful result. It was, without a doubt, the foundation of our True Parents! There are many reasons for this.

First, Dr. Yong held Hoon Dok Hae every morning at 5 AM. Leaders and members were very busy (and tired), but still our Continental Director emphasized that we must put God and True Parents first in our lives. Members would go to bed around 2 AM but still attended HDH the next morning.

Equally important, it was our True Parents’ international foundation that brought 21 foreign VIP guests from 10 nations. It was the ideology of our True Parents in the motto: “Good Families : Prosperous Nepal” and “Headwing Ideology” that was on the banners in the convention center. It was the heart and spirit of our True Parents that allowed our members to take the shoes of a servant and work tirelessly without complaining. And, it was the sacrifice of our True Parents investment in Nepal over many decades which made all this possible. Thank you Heavenly Parent and True Parents! We are eternally grateful.

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During this General Convention our True Parents were honored and praised repeatedly, by name! Their concept, Headwing Ideology (called “Headwing Democracy”), was given reference numerous times. The leadership of Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal was extoled both by international guests—especially Indian political leaders—as well as by Nepalese leaders who openly called for Hon. Ek Nath to be Prime Minister of Nepal! One former Prime Minister of Nepal said, “The Nepal Family Party is not a political party; it is a movement.”

The whole Convention was telecast live for four hours from two television stations. It not only reached all over Nepal, but also reached millions of Nepalese living around the world via cable network. In the print and electronic media, there were hundreds of news articles about the Convention. Selections of the media articles are attached.


During the second part of the General Convention where only NFP members can attend, Hon. Ek Nath proposed that the philosophy of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon be the ideology that leads the Nepal Family Party. He called this concept “Moonism.” It was put in writing in his 50-page NFP platform—and adopted unanimously!

Note: In the 1st General Convention True Father was named as the founder of the NFP. At the same time it was said that the NFP honors all religious leaders, philosophers and world-level thinkers. This time, however, Hon. Ek Nath went even further and made it crystal. He said that True Parents’ thought or “Moonism” is the core ideology leading the Party.

Marxism and Maoism have both failed. Moonism will lead now lead the world!

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Highlights of the Convention

  • The current Prime Minister of Nepal, H.E. KP Oli, personally attended as the Chief Guest. The NFP has just two Members of Parliament; it is a small party. Therefore, it is virtually unheard of that the sitting Prime Minister would come to attend such an event. He is known to be very selective in programs he attends. When Prime Minister Oli actually came into the hall, the Nepalese were shocked and the international guests, especially the Indians, were utterly astounded.
  • There were 21 international guests from 10 nations. It is a custom in Nepal that guests are invited to the Opening Session of a party’s General Convention. In fact, the prestige of a party is judged by who attends this public session. International guests attending the Opening Session of the NFP General Convention included: the Ambassador to Israel and the Cultural Affairs officer from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. India sent eight guests. This was the largest delegation. Incredibly, Indian delegates came from all three of the major political parties. In India they are strongly fighting each other, but they sat on the same stage together in Nepal. Our UPF foundation in Asia was used to send other political VIP representatives from Japan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. The Nepalese in the audience could easily understand our international foundation because even the largest political parties in Nepal do not have this level of international representation at their conventions.
  • Among the international guests, Dr. Yong invited the Special Envoys from Thailand and Philippines to Nepal. He wanted them to learn and inherit this foundation and bring it back to their respective countries. And Dr. Lek (Thailand Envoy) emphasized that Nepal has set the model for other nations to follow.
  • Before this General Convention there were smaller NFP conventions in all 7 states of Nepal. In addition, there were elections in all 75 districts of Nepal to elect NFP delegates to send to the General Convention. In Kathmandu there were over 1,000 official delegates attending the convention. Some of them traveled for 3 days by bus to come to the capital. No one traveled by plane.
  • Among the special Nepalese guests at the Convention, there were leaders from 21 political parties. Some were radical Maoists, some were democratic, some were new parties, some were fringe parties, and some were protesting parties. In fact, there were leaders from the protesting parties who boycotted other party conventions. The NFP General Convention was truly a convention of consensus.
  • The Opening Session lasted 5.5 hours and was attended by 2,000 guests. There were as many as 40 speakers but interspersed among the speeches were national singers, cultural dances and a Tong Il Mo Do martial arts demonstration. Several times, drinks and snacks were served to the guests sitting on the stage.

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The NFP Closed Session

In the Closed Session NFP delegates must accomplish many things. They vote to elect members of the Central Committee, they review and adopt the financial report of the party, and they pass new policies that will set the course for the next five years (a General Convention is held every five years).

Being a Central Committee Member is highly sought after and competition is usually fierce. It can even be violent. In this Convention there were 100 people trying to get elected to 21 seats on the Central Committee. Usually, this is a long, drawn-out process. Lawyers are there to oversee the legal process. Ballot papers have to be printed. Speeches are given by the candidates and their supporters. It takes days. The election commission sends representatives to monitor the process. And police stand guard if things get out of hand. In our case there were 50 police officers present.

Hon. Ek Nath was privately concerned that things could get out of hand. It was very possible that this whole process could take another one or two days. It would not only cost more money (food and lodging as well as the electoral process), but contesting elections would create an atmosphere of competition.

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At the beginning of the Closed Session it looked like this might happen. There was a fiery spirit among some delegates. There was shouting and sloganeering. The atmosphere was very tense.

But slowly, slowly a change of heart took place. One by one delegates were called to meet Hon. Ek Nath. He listened to them empathetically. Then he offered advice and comfort. And one by one they withdraw their candidacy. In other words, TP’s principle of living for the sake of the greater good touched their hearts so that candidates put the interest and harmony of the party above themselves.

In the end there were no contested elections via ballot paper. The candidates to the Central Committee were elected by consensus. And the new party manifesto was also adopted in the same manner, by consensus. Long-time members who observed this closely said, “This was simply unbelievable to see this take place.” Surely the spirit of our Heavenly Parent helped change the heart of these people, but Hon. Ek Nath’s special gift of leadership was the vehicle used by God. Although not all the party delegates were our fulltime Family Federation members, they have all received principle education and the vast majority are Heavenly Blessed couples, who attended one of our interfaith peace blessing programs in Nepal.

In the end, the majority of the Central Committee Members are our full-time leaders or close, longtime Ambassadors for Peace.

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This was the 2nd General Convention of the Nepal Family Party. As we know in the Divine Principle, Abel is 1st and Cain is 2nd. This means we have moved, politically speaking, beyond the realm of Cain and into the realm of Able. We have set in place the master plan for building CIG in Nepal.

Dr. Yong has deep personal friendships with many of the VVIP, including Nepal’s Prime Minister, the former Vice-President of Nepal, as well as other political and media leaders. He felt very much at home on the stage and people in the audience could see and feel these warm family relationships being shown.

Again thank you True Parents for your support and encouragement. Without you, this success would not be possible.

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